During the beautiful summer months Amsterdam and especially during August and September there are a lot of different places where you can go after sunset for a great outdoor cinema experience. Want to know where to go and be fully prepared for an epic evening under the stars then keep on reading!

Amsterdam is full of free events and activities. What are your options in summer? We made a top 5 of things we think you have to do this month!

Sinterklaas is the most important celebration for kids (and adults) we have in Holland. Sinterklaas arrives ususally mid November and stays till the 5th of December. Get to know all about this special event, all the traditions, songs and treats that come with it.

Want to do something different in Amsterdam? Ella went out to explore the city and came up with a list of 5 super cool things to do in Amsterdam we bet you never done before.

Colorful flowers, grass, ponds, fountains, parks – you can’t miss the fresh and green surroundings when exploring the stunning city of Amsterdam.

During the summer these beaches provide festivals, parties, activities, drinks & food and just a little bit more vacation-like atmosphere to the city holiday!

When the sun is shining it is really popular among the Dutch to pick up their cycle and go to the parks or go to have a drink on Amsterdam’s many terraces. Want to know the best ones than keep on reading!

Read all about the second edition of the Teleport Art Event. Get to know the artists, their amazing work and what to expect on this epic day!

What to do in Amsterdam when the weather gets really nasty. Luckily there are enough cool places to visit and to stay dry at the same time!

Get an exclusive sneak preview of the fifth edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival, the artists and the unique pieces of art they created that illuminate the city during the dark winter months.

The pressure of finding a cool Christmas gift is on. Here is a list of super original Amsterdam presents that will put a smile on everyone's face.

Read all about the first Teleport Art Event that changed the course of the hotel forever. On this day we invited some of the best local street artists and started to paint our rooms. One of the best decisions we ever made.

Get off the beaten tourist track of Amsterdam and discover some true hidden gems in and around the city!

Get to know everything about the line-up of street artists that participated in the first edition of the Teleport Art Event.

The dark days mark the colder season, but they also come with feel good Dutch winter food, so filling and  delicious. Let us guide you through the best of the local cuisine.

Let's be honest you are not only coming to Amsterdam to visit the beautiful canals. The city is full of smart shops and the temptation of a super cool trip experience is big. Before you start make sure you are well informed!

Read all about the lost glory of the legendary Wijdesteeg and it's street art in the city center of Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Dance event is a 5-day electronic music festival and conference that takes over the city, occupying 385 venues with 2,200+ international artists and turning Amsterdam into a clubbing mecca.

Discover the best street art of Amsterdam. This blog covers the most exciting street art hot spots. Go check them out now.

Teleport just turned 1 and that needed to be celebrated. With the whole team we went out for a Red Light District tour and some delicious sushi afterwards. Curious how the day went? Check out the whole article.

Amsterdam cuisine will surprise you with a full range of flavors and ingredients. You just have to know the right places to go and the best food items to try.

Amsterdam looks completely different and even more beautiful from the water. What better way to experience this while having some delicious food and to slowly cruise the canals of Amsterdam.

Read all about one of Amsterdam's most popular tourist attractions. Visiting the Red Light District comes with a set of do's and don't. If you don't want you camera whacked by one of the ladies then check out the full article!

Have you ever walked around the city not knowing which restaurant to check out for lunch or dinner? Nothing is more frustrating than browsing around with an empty stomach, finding it hard to make a decision.

Cycling is far from the only option to explore Amsterdam. We did a little research and lined up 4 super cool bike alternatives for you.

You will see them everywhere in the city. The XXX is the symbol of Amsterdam but what's the story behind them?

On a hot summer day there is nothing better than a good ice cream. The city is packed with ice cream places but which ones are the best?

The real beach is not that far away (30 minutes by train) but Amsterdam has some super relaxed city beaches to find some refreshment on a hot summer day!

Amsterdam is full of free events and activities. What are your options in summer? We made a top 5 of things we think you have to do this month!

Check out the line-up of the best festivals in Amsterdam this summer.

Hooray Teleport is celebrating it's first anniversary!! Read all about our first guest, the amazing team that made it all happen and what is coming next!

No Teleport experience is the same without the free street art tour by Alltournative. Every day at 11.00 our guides pick you up for a cool bike ride around the city. Get to know everything about street art, coffee shops and more!

What to do in Amsterdam if you are looking for something different, cool and unusual at the same time? We made a list of experiences we think we are pretty sure you never done before!

To make sure we give you the best food recommendations we went out to find the best coffee, pastries, beer bars and cheese in town! An awe-full job but someone got to do it right?

Amsterdam has more bikes than citizens. Want to know why we care so much about our 2 wheeled friends then check out the article below!

Amsterdam has hundreds of coffee shops so how do you make sure which one to choose? If you don't want paying way too much for a shitty joint than don't miss this article.

The Jordaan is one Amsterdam's most exciting neighborhoods. Beautiful historical houses, inner court yards, interesting shops and great places to eat!

King's Night and King's Day are madness. The whole city will turn in one big orange party. If you don't want to get lost and to get to know about the best places to go then quickly check the article below.

If you are wondering why 700.000 people are all wearing crazy orange outfits, kids trying to sell you their old toys and the city turns into one massive party on the 27th of April then check out this blog about King's Day.

If you are looking for a bit more than the usual Amsterdam experience check out the exciting day trips we lined up for you. We promise you won't be disappointed!

Pancakes are some of things you have to try when visiting The Netherlands. This local delicacy is something we are truly proud of. We went out to find the best places in Amsterdam where to have them!

A bit of sun and a clear blue sky and the average Dutch person thinks it summer already. No wonder why most terraces are always packed!

Getting to Amsterdam is easier and cheaper than you think! Want to know how then quickly check the article below!

Amsterdam is full of exciting clubs, parties and events. Whatever day of the week you want to go out, there is always something to do!

When people think about Holland, one of the first things that comes to their mind is cheese. Read all about the different types of cheese we love and where to find them in the article below.

The world largest tulip fields are still waiting to burst into colors in the Netherlands, and so are the famous flower gardens of spectacular Keukenhof. Let us share with you what this blooming paradise is preparing for you this spring.

Amsterdam is an old city full of hidden gems. If you want to make the most out of your Amsterdam time and experience the true beauty of the city then check out what secrets Amsterdam is having for you.

The Amsterdam craft beer culture is thriving and there are so many cool places and breweries to try some of those delicious beers that we decided to select the very best one's for you!

The romance of Saint Valentine’s Day is enhanced by charming narrow streets of Amsterdam, its picturesque bridges, tiny cafes and just a very unique love atmosphere.

The Hague is one of The Netherlands best kept secrets. A city full of royal history, home of the Dutch parliament, some amazing shopping streets and very close to the sea. The best part of it all, we have a hotel there too!

Tulips and Holland are inseparable. How did it all start and why have the flowers originated in the Ottoman Empire become the symbol of the Netherlands? National Tulip Day is coming so let's have a closer look at the history of this iconic flower!

It doesn't snow very often in Amsterdam but when the holiday season is getting closer the city is full of color, warmth, Christmas spirit and winter activities. Find out where to go and what to do during the cold and dark December days.

A short guide of all the upcoming dance events, music festivals and other cool gigs so have a quick look and start planning your trip to Amsterdam!

Although burgers started as an attribute of a fast food culture, they have drastically evolved and got so many variations. Amsterdam can easily prove it: having the first hamburger coming out of the wall and a contemporary burger being served with a lobster.

The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual returning magic event that starts in the end of November and lasts till mid January. During the cold, dark winter months this festival lights up the city with beautiful illuminated pieces if art,

Sinterklaas is the most important celebration for kids (and adults) we have in Holland. Sinterklaas arrives ususally mid November and stays till the 5th of December. Get to know all about this special event, all the traditions, songs and treats that come with it.

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