Be My Valentine in Amsterdam

Be My Valentine in Amsterdam

The romance of Saint Valentine’s Day is enhanced by charming narrow streets of Amsterdam, its picturesque bridges, tiny cafes and just a very unique love atmosphere. One of the coziest and heart-warming capitals in the world, Amsterdam is an amazing place to celebrate love just on any day, and of course on the soon coming weekend of 13th-14th of February. Add some festive events and exceptional things to do in the city during these days, and you are up for an ideal Valentine’s Day with your beloved one.

Be My Valentine Amsterdam
24H Oost

This 2 days festival (13th-14th of February) will uncover the secrets of lifestyle, traditions and creativity of the cheerful neighborhoods of east Amsterdam. Head for 24H Oost with your date and attend Valentine’s bootcamp, participate in workshops together, get inspired by musical theater and concerts, admire culinary artwork and fair fashion event. How about making a Valentine’s card for each other, creating your own perfume, baking pizza or brewing water kefir together following the tips of professionals there? In the evening make sure to indulge yourself to a special roast prepared by Chef Valentine at Roest followed by Djs and a nice vibe party. 24H Oost programme has so much more to offer, just check it out here for more details and all the locations

Be My Valentine Amsterdam
Let’s get married!

Although Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for a real proposal, you don’t have to be all serious about marriage this day. Come and join a fun imaginary wedding at Emporium of Wonders featuring an all day celebration of love on the 13th and 14th of February. Special ceremonies and workshops for lovebirds at this location will add some amusement and joy to these days. Maybe it’s time to sign up for a massage workshop and practice on each other?

Be My Valentine Amsterdam
The boat/bike of love

When you feel like exploring the city instead of attending the offered events, then Amsterdam is the right place for it.  Add some special Dutch flavor to it by doing so with a canal ride. Whether it will be a Valentine’s cruise provided by one of the tour operators or just a small rental boat, it will turn your day or evening into an unforgettable romantic experience.

Another way to spend time with your Valentine is riding a tandem bike along the streets and canals of charming Amsterdam. Don’t forget to stop at the skinny bridge (The Magere Brug) and kiss your second half there, as it will make you stay together forever (at least that’s what the legend tells).

Be My Valentine Amsterdam
Exchange romance for curiosity

The romance of kissing might be gone once you learn how many microbes you exchange with your partner during a passionate kiss. On the Eve of Saint Valentine’s Day visit Micropia at Artisplein together to satisfy your curiosity by looking at Kiss-O-Meter and discovering the invisible world of microbes. This is the only microbes’ museum in the world and can be a good alternative to all the typical romantic agenda.

Yoga, music, movies and more

If you don’t want to jump from place to place and visit events at various locations, then Pllek is an ideal solution for you. It will keep you busy and entertained from morning till evening with its Valentine’s special. This warm and creative venue offers a yoga class with a beautiful view over the water to start your day, afternoon kids workshop in case you already have children with your significant other and laidback life music all afternoon and evening long (free entrance). You can finish your day with a movie for adults that can be accompanied by a three course dinner. To learn about location or other events, go to Pllek website:

A bit cliché yet enchanting

And yes, going out for a movie on Valentine’s night is cliché, but who cares if the movie theater is a masterpiece by itself. Spend some nice gezellig time with your love at the Movies at Haarlemmerdijk, which is the oldest movie theater in Amsterdam opened in 1912, giving you the spirit of those aged times. Another marvelous place to watch a movie on this special night is Tuschinski Theater with its remarkable mix of styles that make it one of the prettiest cinemas in the world. Attending one of these two movie theaters will leave you with much more than just watching a nice romantic movie.

Comedytrain International

In case you are excited about watching some good acting, but don’t feel for a movie, then Nick Thune will make you and your partner with his comedy at Toomler. Mixing storytelling with one-liners this American comedian will bring some wit and fun to your Valentine’s celebration.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what you will be doing on Valentine’s day this year, as long as you spend it together with your loved one and in Amsterdam of courseJ Share your love and remember that Amsterdam loves you!

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