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The countdown is going fast and your trip to Amsterdam is coming soon. The closer to the day of arrival the more question are popping up in your head. Everyone has questions, so never hesitate to ask them, but unfortunately we don’t always have time to answer them in person. The good news is that all of us have traveled and know exactly what you might be concerned or curious about or simple need to know before your stay at Amsterdam Teleport Hotel. Have a quick look at the list of questions below, and we guarantee that you will sleep peacefully tonight.

What time can I check-in?

You can check-in whenever your room is ready, but we start doing this from 11.00 in the morning even though official check-in starts at 3pm.

What time do I have to check out?

The latest time you are allowed to check-out from your room is 12.00 pm but if  you want to stay a bit longer then make sure to take the late check-out deal. Just come to the reception and will try to arrange it on the spot.*

*subject to availability

Can you store my luggage after I check out?

Of course you can store your luggage with us, free of charge.

I noticed some room types have an external bathroom. Is the external bathroom private or shared?

An external bathroom is private but on the corridor instead of in your room. Usually no further than 5 meters away from your room.

Do you have rooms with ensuite bathrooms?

Yes, all room types except Budget Twin Studio (ext. private bathroom), and Budget 4-person studio (ext. private bathroom) are equipped with ensuite bathrooms.

Can I book a room with the street art of my choice?

Of course you can but it depends on the type of room you’ve chosen and availability. If we are in a really good mood we might give you a free room upgrade. Please contact us if you want a room with a specific artwork.

What time do you serve breakfast?

The best breakfast of Amsterdam is served from in Watts Hub, our restaurant, at 150m away from the hotel from 7:00-11:00.

How much is breakfast?

Breakfast is €15.95 per day, per person.

Do you provide gluten-free/dairy-free options for breakfast?

Yes, please contact us beforehand if you have any dietary restrictions, we will do our best to arrange something.

What if I am hungry. Can I get anything to eat at the hotel?

With us, good food and drink does not stop at breakfast, but you can also go for a super tasty lunch, dinner or cocktail in our brand new restaurant Watts Hub 150 meters from the hotel.

How do I get to the hotel from Schiphol airport?

The best way is to take the train. Take any train that stops at “Amsterdam Sloterdijk”. Amsterdam Teleport Hotel is a 5 minute walk from “Amsterdam Sloterdijk” station. For more details check-out our location page in the burger menu in the top left of your screen. You can also take a taxi, which is around €45.

How do I get to the city center from the hotel?

The best way is take a train from “Amsterdam Sloterdijk” to “Amsterdam Centraal”. It’s one station away, 6 minutes. A return ticket costs €5.80.

How do I get back to the hotel in the middle of the night?

The train runs until ~1:00. If you miss the last train, you can take Nightbus 281 from Amsterdam Central, which runs hourly the whole night.

Do you provide parking space?

Yes, we provide parking space and the best part it is entirely for FREE!

Are pets allowed?

Yes, pets are allowed. The cost for pets are €30 per night, per pet. And yes, even if you want to bring your goldfish or parrot along. Maximum one pet per room.

Do you provide extra beds in the room?

It’s not possible to book an extra bed in your room. Luckily we have plenty of room types to choose from. At Amsterdam Teleport Hotel you can find a everything from a single bed in a dormitory up to fully equipped family rooms or a special room for large groups of friends.

Do you provide baby cots?

Yes, we provide baby cots, free of charge. Make sure to arrange your cot in advance.

What if I want to arrange something special can you help me?

Of course we can. We love special requests. Just drop us an email and don’t be shy. Whatever you can come up with we will try to make it happen!

Do you provide WiFi access?

Yes, we provide WiFi access, free of charge.

Is smoking allowed in the hotel?

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the hotel and there is even a fine if you get caught (€100,- for smoking in the room and €200,- if you were stupid enough thinking you could outsmart us by blocking the smoking detector with your dirty sock), but there is also good news, we have a super cool beach outside where you can smoke whatever you like and chill as much as you want.

Can I rent a bike at the hotel?

Yes you can rent a bike with us for €16,50 per day for a normal bike and €26,50 per day for an electric bike (including insurance).

Do you have elevators in the hotel?

We have Nabil the human elevator. He will lift anything up to the first floor for you if you ask him kindly.

Can I pay in cash?

For your and our safety Amsterdam Teleport Hotel is cashless. So don’t forget your debit and / or credit card!

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