Hall of fame

Amsterdam Teleport Hotel bursts of color and creativity. We embrace talented people from all over the world. Photography, writing, graffiti art, modelling, tattooing, filming, singing or music, for us it doesn’t really matter what you are good at. What matters is how passionate you are about what you do and if you are willing to keep improving and developing yourself.  We love to make new friends and might want to collaborate with you. Make us a proposal we can’t refuse. Body(paint), sing, tattoo or give a cool workshop for your stay. Send us your super original idea and earn yourself a spot in our legendary hall of fame!

Luisa Galiza

Luisa has an immensely popular Instagram profile and started last year as a columnist of the Qual Viagem magazine. Luisa is a huge admirer of nature, believes that traveling gives you a chance to rediscover yourself and shares the most incredible places you have to visit around the world. After a successful first collaboration we invited Luisa to come over again in 2018. She earned eternal respect after doing a body paint session with Juice, a local street artist and friend, that earned her number 1 position in the Teleport Hall of Fame.

Katharina Coune

Katharina Coune from Germany, with a big passion for traveling, fashion and vegan food, recently reached out to us to collaborate. Instead of doing a boring exchange of stay for a couple of Instagram posts Katharina was willing to help us out during a photo shoot at The Hague Teleport Hotel. The result was amazing and we honestly couldn't have wished for a better model.

Henrique Montari

Henrique 'EDMX' Montari is a brilliant graffiti artist from Brasil. Ever since Henrique's first visit in 2017 he painted three rooms in the hotel so far and keeps surprising us with his amazing designs. Apart from making amazing murals he is also does 3d-animation, illustrations and rigging!

Hedwig Wiebes

Freelance journalist Hedwig Wiebes, together with her boyfriend Jeroen, sold their house in Amsterdam to travel around Europe indefinitely with their two dogs in a Volkswagen van from 1985 through Europe. They are currently in Greece. In 2017 they stayed at our hotel after their beloved van suddenly got serious engine problems. With a lot of positive energy, creativity and determination they managed to get it repaired and to keep pursuing their life of complete freedom.

Christa Gaigg

Christa Gaigg, a great photographer from Austria, first came to us to document our very first Teleport Art Event in 2016. Little did we know that many more successful collaborations would follow and that Christa would be the photographer that understood exactly what kind of pictures we needed for both our hotels in Amsterdam and The Hague.

Above Love Art

Max, better known as Above Love Art is a street artist from Poznan in Poland. Max first approached us during one of our art events and asked if he could paint one of our rooms one day. We kept on seeing his funny and super colorful work of art around the city every since. In 2018 Above Love Art finally painted a room for us and he absolutely nailed it. He went all out and made it one our best street art rooms so far.

Cem Coskun

Cem coming to Amsterdam and the collaboration that followed is quite a funny story. We got an inquiry of a Turkish tour agency that was looking for a hotel for a young Turkish couple that just got married and was going on honeymoon. Cem turned out to be a great photographer with a cool Instagram profile so we approached him directly, offered him a free stay and went all out to decorate his honeymoon room. In return Cem documented his stay, shot tons of beautiful pictures and did two super successful Instagram raffles for us!

Evalie Wagner

Evalie Wagner from Austria studied Fine Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Art and Design Linz. Evalie works across different disciplines including painting, literature, floristry and site-specific installations. Her art can be described as visual metaphors, which are situated in between the space of the poetic and the conceptual. Evalie came along with Christa Gaigg to help us during the photo shoot at The Hague Teleport Hotel. Her great eye for detail, color and composition helped us getting some of the best hotel pictures ever shot.

Hanna Reunanen

Hanna is a travel blogger from Finland that recently got her degree in Tourism Management that enabled her to her great passion into a profession. She loves to travel, talking about it, reading about it and working for it. Traveling tickles the boundaries of her imagination and leads her to all the unforgettable adventures she experienced so far. After working in the travel industry herself she decided to start sharing her own tips and thoughts to help other people to make the most out of their journeys.

Richa Sethii

Richa has a huge passion for traveling, fashion, lifestyle and coffee. She was born in Afghanistan, raised in between Europe and India and now based in Stockholm where she works as a fashion content creator & brand consultant. Richa rarely reads books, learned how to sew in High School, is scared of bumble bees, doesn't watch TV and gets a huge rush from bungee jumping. Her favorite place is Spain (Mallorca and Barcelona in particular) and Kathmandu and Macau are high on her travel bucket list.


Johannesburg born artist Zesta, discovered graffiti in 2001. He creates a wide variety of styles from abstract murals and graffiti lettering to cartoon characters and more realistic or graphic portraits and landscapes. Together with his wife Page_thirty3, Zesta did some amazing murals both at The Hague Teleport Hotel (parking garage) and at Amsterdam Teleport Hotel. The spaced out guinea pig astronaut with a huge bong on his head in room 22 truly is one of our favorite art pieces.


Page33 is a street artist & fine artist from Pretoria, South Africa. She studied fine art, music, fashion & dance, both in high school and secondary school and has been creating art since her childhood. In the summer of 2018, Page33 and Zesta spontaneously went to the THSA "headquarters" with the message that they would like to paint in The Hague. Because of the great connection we have with THSA it didn't take long for them to find their way to our hotels, where did some amazing murals in our rooms and parking garage.

Senhor Estilo

Senhor Estilo moved to Portugal 3 years ago. In Brazil he was the former beauty editor for GQ magazine and responsible for PR and Marketing. He loves travelling, food, to meet different people and to discover new places. His vision on fashion reflects in his own unique style, a mixture of the classic and contemporary. The Senhor Estilo blog was born out of the idea to create a male blog that portrays the sophisticated lifestyle of the modern man. However, his platform is also dedicated to women, so they can get a better understanding of men in general.

Alizah Akiko

Alizah Akiko felt she was living a life that wasn't her own. She thought taking a corporate job was they only option life like "everyone" else. But making money for money’s sake just didn't feel right. She then realized she wanted to explore the world and left everything behind. She wanted to wake up every day and to feel that she was truly living. To utilize every breadth of her body and mind to its full potential. Before she knew it her life became one big adventure and has visited places you and I only can dream of.

Elma van Keulen

Elma, now 36, started years ago with a fashion blog. She writes about the latest outfits and then shows them to her ever-growing audience. The blog appeared on her site, although Instagram later turned out to be the ideal platform. Almost 31,000 people now follow her. Her followers want to know what she is wearing and what her opinion is about certain clothes. She finds a challenge in finding beautiful places and creating interesting scenes because it creates an added value to the picture if people recognize the place the picture was taken.

Eric Giuliani

It took Eric 33 years to realize he was leading a life that wasn't making him happy. Traveling, writing, film-making, and photography all filled him with an unexplainable joy. Even though he had no experience in any of those areas he knew he had to pursue not just one, but all of them. So he gave himself one year to learn as much as he could about the things that were required to make travel blogging his life. He then went on an epic journey and traveled the world without using a single plane.

Federica Piersimoni

Blogger for passion and for work. She first appeared online in 2008 and has a huge passion for (low budget) traveling. She was born in Marche (province in on the east coast of Italy) and now resides in Rome. She loves to write provocative articles but also to share many of her travel stories, from excursions from the other side of the world to "stories in her city", because the journey also starts behind the door even if we call it routine. Federica now travels with her partner and 2 year old son that plays a big role in her current content.

Julien Duquaire

At 26 years old Julien started to use his social network to publish his holiday photos and pictures of his cats, He didn't have that many followers but posing suited him perfectly. In June 2016 he is being contacted by a fashion brand and asked to model for their spring / summer collection. A life changing opportunity that helps him understanding the potential of Instagram and how to publish on it. He tries to understand what his followers like and how to create coherent content in which he can combine all his passions like pastry, sports, travel and fashion.

James Hoot

James has been a photography addict ever since his grandfather gave him his first camera when he turned 11. Probably his grandfather didn't realize how much of an impact this gift would have on the life of James. James had the honor of being the first photographer we ever invited at Amsterdam Teleport Hotel and helped us out during our very first shoot. The pictures helped us improving our online presentation and put us on the right track finding our own unique identity and way of presenting it to the outside world.

Laura Wacker

Laura is 21 years old and comes from Offenburg in Germany. While being a student she turned photography and blogging into her side job. She started with Instagram 4 years ago and also created a blog a little while later. In a short time she built up a massive fan base of almost 100.000 people. She likes to share her personal thoughts, her latest outfits, beauty products and holiday experiences with her followers.

Reece Philip

Reece has the honor of being the first travel blogger ever being invited over to come stay with us. After his first trip in 2007, he has been hooked on travel. Since then, he has flown thousands of miles and visited over 30 countries. Together with his girlfriend he started a website to help encourage people to travel more. to recommend the best things to do, how to find the best hot spots and to guide them to the places to stay & to eat in various countries around the world.

Reece Philip

Reece has the honor of being the first travel blogger ever being invited over to come stay with us. After his first trip in 2007, he has been hooked on travel. Since then, he has flown thousands of miles and visited over 30 countries. Together with his girlfriend he started a website to help encourage people to travel more. to recommend the best things to do, how to find the best hot spots and to guide them to the places to stay & to eat in various countries around the world.

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