Let’s meat!

Let’s meat!

Although burgers started as an attribute of a fast food culture, they have drastically evolved and got so many variations. Amsterdam can easily prove it: having the first hamburger coming out of the wall and a contemporary burger being served with a lobster. What can be a better way to discover a city than exploring its delicious food places, where locals enjoy their juicy hamburgers and wouldn’t mind having a chat with you?

Febo vs Hummbar

These two are the names of the completely opposite extremes: a legendary snack bar that the Dutch are proud of (can be found at multiple locations all over Amsterdam) and a lobster&burgers bar located at Rembrandt Square. Febo was a pioneer in the fast food world in the Netherlands and became famous for its addictive ready-to-eat warm food from tiny boxes literally inside of the wall. It still remains a must try place for interesting fast Dutch cuisine. Hummbar is a more high-end option for having a burger, affordable Canadian lobster and fine cocktails. The curious fact is that they can be enjoyed  in the monument building of the former bank, which gives it a historical touch of 20s-30s of the last century.

Changing Burger Trends

In between those two places there is a long line of worthy burger bars in Amsterdam that completely change the idea of this product. A classic greasy snack has turned into a trendy healthy hamburger made of fresh high quality ingredients, including the hippest and unusual ones. It is a gourmet cuisine now that promotes sustainability, authenticity and deliciousness. More than that a nice burger can be enjoyed in a cozy bar/café/restaurant with a very Dutch gezellig (a special non translatable word!) vibe, accompanied by fancy cocktails or specialty beers.

Let’s get specific

It is unbelievably difficult to choose the top burger bars in Amsterdam, as there are so many good ones. Every day you can discover a new location with more and more unique flavors, sauces, organic beef, different type of meat,  amazing toppings and a huge variety of choices. The following list includes unbeatable burger places, which are so much worth checking out at any time of the year.

The Butcher (Albert Cuypstraat 129)

Located in the heart of Albert Cuyp Market, casual The Butcher is proud of its excellent Aberdeen Angus beef grilled over a fire and spiced up with signature sauces. The truffle burger is a must! Their witty burger names will make you want to try them all. The “freezer door” in the back will lead you to a secret cocktail bar, so make sure to uncover it!

Burgermeester (Elandsgracht 130/Plantage Kerklaan 37)

Being one of the first gourmet burger bars in Amsterdam, Burgermeester remains one of the best. The menu is always dynamic and depends on the month, but yummy lamb burger is always their classic! Goat cheese burger will become a favorite of vegetarians, while chorizo or tuna ones are just a burst of flavor. Try a mini trio of burgers of your choice to be able to taste even more combinations.

Geflipt (Van Woustraat 15)

Not only Geflipt can please you with organic beef, but also it can surprise you with the custom burger chutneys and compotes. You’d better not leave the place without trying there especially delicious fries.

Café De Walvis (Spaarndammerstraat 516)

Café De Walvis has huge and beefiest burgers topped with a special homemade sauce on its menu. You will remember their Serrano ham and champignon in white whine sauce burger forever. Half price deals during lunch time can make your day!

Burgerlijk Amsterdams (Runstraat 1)

Located on the perfect for shopping 9 Straatjes, tiny Burgerlijk Amsterdams lets you decide with choosing each fresh ingredients that gets on your burger. Pick your meat or vegetables, cheese (you can’t go wrong with Old Amsterdam), toppings (how about homemade guacamole or crispy bacon?) and sauce (with the specials of tzatiki and truffle mayonnaise).  Add some fresh mother-style fries and your perfect burger experience is ready!

Even more

Please don’t limit yourself with the hamburger options presented above, as Amsterdam has so much more to offer. Go explore and discover Bar Boca’s famous for their foie gras burger; Biertuin with hot juicy burgers and almost 50 types of specialty beer; Brasserie Hoofdstad with a lovely inviting terrace to enjoy your burger; Cannibale Royale with its unforgettable soft shell crab burger and so many other burger bars with their unique concepts, ingredients and tastes. Let’s meat in Amsterdam

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