The Best Parties and Events on King’s Night and King’s Day in Amsterdam

The Best Parties and Events on King’s Night and King’s Day in Amsterdam

Just like New Year starts with a grand celebration on New Year’s Eve, King’s Day party is on from King’s Night the day before, on 26 April. With more than 1 million visitors coming for the best festivals, parties and events of the year on King’s Day, Amsterdam turns into a huge citywide extravaganza. Will you have enough energy to party till Kings day itself and embrace all the festivities and parties on 27 April too? It doesn’t matter what music you like, as there is something on for all the tastes! Let’s choose the most exciting events worth attending during the orange madness!

Kingsday Partyboat

King’s Night (Koningsnacht)

Dubstep Party 50 HURTZ

One of the hippest and coziest live music venues in Amsterdam, The Melkweg is hosting 50 HURTZ again with great headliners of bass and dubstep.Pogman (UK), Enigma Dubz (UK), Squnto (US), Ghosh (UK), Shiverz (UK) and Karimooo are only some of the famous names in the lineup. Have an epic celebration and become a part of this mayhem! Tickets pre-sale: €16, at the door: €20.

Hippie Night at the Promised Land

Dress up like a hippie and dive into the 60’s atmosphere with the right decoration and music at Recycle Lounge Gallery Club (RLGC44).  The line up fits the theme with such artists as Cid Inc. (SWE), Dennis Price, Andre Zeldenrust (NL) and more. Normal tickets:€20, at the door: €25.

London’s FunkinEven and Electronic Music by Tom Trago

These two names come together for King’s Night at a new club in Amsterdam called De School. Located in what used to be the school’s bike shed, this venue hosts open ended nights, which means they will remain open as long as you will be dancing! So join the creative crowd at one of the most innovative spots of the city.  Tickets: €15.

Hot Dancehall and Reggae of Jamrock

A legendary club of Amsterdam Paradiso presents a night of unstoppable dancing to dancehall and reggae tunes. Live music combined with DJs in this extra big special edition for Koningsnacht. Tickets: from €15 to €22.50.

Brighter Days with House Music

Surround yourself with nice music by a famous Chicago house music producer Mike Dunn, who professionally combines the right vocal samples, percussion and smooth pads. All that takes place at Canvas located on the 7th floor and featuring a stunning view. Tickets pre-sale: €12, at the door: €15.

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King’s Day (Koningsdag)

The only parties that can beat the festive vibe of King’s Night  are the ones that take place the next day on King’s Day. The special events range from huge ticketed festivals to small cafes stages in all the neighborhood of Amsterdam.

Techno Craziness of VOLTT

The huge King’s Day celebration at the industrial NDSM-werf with lots of techno and breathtaking line up. If you like the music of Dekmantel Soundsystem, Bart Skils, Cinnaman, San Proper ,Kid Sublime or Nuno Dos Santos, then you cannot miss this event, as all of them will be there. Early bird tickets: €12.50, regular: €17.50

Dance Music at Kingsland Festival

One of the biggest events in Amsterdam of April 27, Kingsland Festival features four indoor and outdoor stages at RAI. All of them will be full of people, as this year headliners include Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Don Diablo, Axwell & Ingrosso, Martin Garrix, Oliver Heldens, Girls Love DJs and The Flexican. Only late bird tickets are left: €39.50.

100% NL Oranjefeest

Have you ever wondered about how Dutch-language party hits sound like? Come and listen them live at ArenAPark in Amsterdam. All types of music from singer-songwriters to dance music will be there for you, sponsored by local radio station 100% NL. Early bird tickets: €15, normal: €20.

Disco d’Orange

Fans of disco, funk and soul will feel at home at Amsterdam Roest on King’s Day. Lots of live music accompanied by a free-market is guaranteed at this funky location.

Loveland van Oranje

The 20th edition of this hip outdoor party will host such big names as Benny Rodrigues, Secret Cinema, Carlos Valdes, Ici Sans Merci and more. Chill out with the crowd in the green Meerpark and enjoy Loveland’s King’s Day. Only final release tickets are left: €22.50

Kingsday Partyboat

Last but not Least

Of course these are not the only parties and events of King’s Day in Amsterdam, as there will be thousands of them! After all, the main goal is to have a good time and celebrate the birthday of the King, no matter what event you will go for.  It’s important to know though that some of the larger events are sold out fast, so it can be a good idea to get tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. As a matter of fact, some major festivals stop the tickets pre-sale on King’s Night with no tickets available at the door the next day. Either way, don’t get disappointed when events  are sold out as Amsterdam will turn into one massive orange dance floor from dusk till dawn and beyond. Check out the handy map below to see the location of the main happenings of King’s Day 2016 in Amsterdam.

Kingsday Partyboat

map credits to: cartostudio2016

The Best Day in Amsterdam – King’s Day!

The Best “Orange” Day in Amsterdam – King’s Day!

One of the coolest days of the year is coming to Amsterdam on 27 April, turning the city into a huge street party, causing orange madness and massive celebration. In case you’re still wondering why everybody is wearing orange or why 700 000 visitors come to Amsterdam on that one particular day (that’s almost the entire population of the city!), then it’s about time to learn more about crazy and fun King’s Day.

What is in name?

King’s Day  (Koningsdag in Dutch) is an actual birthday of the current king of the Netherlands, King Willem-Alexander, which is celebrated by everybody and therefore, turned into a national holiday. Why not throw a whole country party for your birthday? Believe it or not, but King’s Day hasn’t been around for too long. The reason is simple-it was known as Queen’s Days for more than hundred years till 2013, as the Dutch throne belonged to the royal ladies then. The change of the name in 2014 didn’t affect the festive spirit, and the honor of the Dutch Royal Family and grand orange party prevailed.

Kingsday Amsterdam

So why orange?

The whole country turns orange on King’ Day out of patriotic feelings and pride for the Dutch monarch’s family. Orange is a national color of the Netherlands, as the House of Orange-Nassau has been ruling the country. So if you want to fit in, you’d better find an orange outfit or get some of those fun accessories: boa, hat, inflatable crown or fake plastic flowers to put around your neck, but all in orange! The whole city dresses up, including the streets, boats and dogs. Would you dare dressing up like a king? Consider the fact that you might actually see him, as the royal family comes to different cities for King’s Birthday.

Kingsday Amsterdam
Citywide fun (especially canals)

Why do you think there are thousands boats in Amsterdam? To party on them for Koningsdag! Just imagine all of them decorated and full of people, dancing, going crazy and enjoying the floating party! Just join the festive parade or watch it from the side, having a great time with the boat traffic and crowded canals (not too appreciated on any other days of the year).

Kingsday Amsterdam
The large scale celebration is not limited to the water, but to all the streets and corners of Amsterdam! And it’s not only about tons of concerts, festivals, different music and dance events, but about the citywide free market. Anybody can sell anything on the streets (as long as it’s legal of course!), without any taxes, regulations or explanations. As from the 6 am you can find just about any second hand items, home-made yummies, arts & crafts and more, more, more. Amsterdam becomes just one gigantic flea market, where bargaining is the right thing to do and the treasures can be found.

Kingsday Amsterdam

King’s Day is just like a day in paradise for children, as there are so many activities for them too. They try themselves as sellers, set up entertaining games (beware, they’ll charge you a few coins for participation!), get their face-painted and attend some small sports events. Most of the family fun takes place in Vondelpark.

Useful tips

Forget about museums on King’s Day- whole Amsterdam becomes a celebration museum, so embrace it and join the party. And don’t think about relying on public transport either-you will never forget your walk around the city on 27 April. For sure you will want to try some nice food, snacks or treats from street stalls, buy some old toys from kids or getting the best find for a few Euros, so prepare some coins and get cash from the ATM in advance (not a few hours in advance, but a few days-avoid wasting your time on King’s Day). Make sure to eat/drink something orange-it brings good luck and makes joyful memories. While coins are welcome, it’s better to avoid taking valuables with you. Big crowds attract pickpockets everywhere and Amsterdam is no exception. But most of all, have the best day in your life in Amsterdam!
Kingsday Amsterdam
Our next blog post will reveal the secrets of all King’s Day 2016 parties in Amsterdam and special things to do! And don’t forget about King’s Night, which is even more festive and fun!

Best Day Trip Ideas From Amsterdam

Day trip Ideas Amsterdam

Can anybody get bored in Amsterdam? Ever? Not likely, as this city has so much to offer for any taste and preference. But let’s have a look at the cool places outside of Amsterdam (still close enough to it though) to keep the options open.  There is so much variety when it comes to day trips from Amsterdam, so why not diversify your trip? After all, there should be some Dutch life beyond the Dam city, right?

Day trip 1. Fortified Town of Naarden and Magnificent Muider Castle

History buffs will be fascinated by a bike trip to green fortified town Naarden with its well preserved arrow-headed bastions, casemates, batardeaux, covered ways and moat. This whole town is a great example of a star fort and representation of the 17th century Dutch town.  The history of an impressive gothic basilica and the Great Church goes back even to the 14th and 15th centuries. The best news is that you can explore it all by yourself without boring tours or paying lots of money for it. Just browse around Naarden and discover  interesting fortifications or stop by the Fortress Museum to get access to all the exciting casemates and tunnels.

Trip Ideas Amsterdam
Get the most of your daytrip by bicycle and make sure to spend enough time in Muiden on the way back from Naarden to Amsterdam. Muiden keeps the history of its legendary Muider Castle built in 1370. You can get the Middle Ages feeling from both outside and inside of the castle, as it’s a national museum now with restored rooms and a nice collection of arms. The cycling way to Muiden is picturesque by itself, and the beauty of the town and castle will impress just about anybody.

Trip Ideas Amsterdam

Day trip 2. Zandvoort Beach and Haarlem

The beauty of the Northern Sea and long sandy beaches can be beaten only by gorgeous coastal dunes, and Zandvoort got them all! This so called Amsterdam beach, due to its close proximity to the city, has stunning views, wonderful nature, peaceful feeling (not during the busy summer season of course) and a few beach pavilions. Enjoy a lovely beach stroll and breath in the freshness of Holland! Sunsets over the sea at Zandvoort are just breathtaking! There is also a few nice cafes on the beach, great for coffee or hot chocolate during a typical windy day at the seaside. The nudist beach can be found 2 km to the south, and the Dutch are quite liberal towards public nudity.

Trip Ideas Amsterdam
There is no way you can miss Haarlem on the way to the beach, as it’s by far one of the cutest and coziest cities in the Netherlands. It is like a miniature version of Amsterdam with even nicer vibe, more open people and super delicious food. Haarlem is an open air historical museum with its city status since 1245 and ornate architecture. You can spend the whole day in Haarlem and explore its street, museums, cultural places, restaurants or bars. This small city is also popular for brewing good beer, such as Jopen that has to be tried right at the brewery called the Jopenkerk. When else will you have an opportunity to grab a fine beer in a former church?

Trip Ideas Amsterdam
Day trip 3. Authentic Dutch Villages: Zaanse Schans and Volendam

Zaanse Schans is one of the most famous attractions around Amsterdam full of wooden windmills and typical Dutch wooden houses from 17th-18th centuries. It is a very unique village as it gives such an old traditional feel, and all of a sudden you start doubting whether it’s still 21st century.  Lots of those houses are not originally from here, but have been moved from different part of the Netherlands. You learn the history and traditions not only from architecture, but also from time-honored crafts like cheese making and clog making (those Dutch wooden shoes). Some people consider Zaanse Schans touristy, but it’s definitely worth a visit and exploring local culture. You won’t believe it, but 8 windmills are guaranteed! Make sure to grab your camera!

Trip Ideas Amsterdam
Volendam is another authentic Dutch village, but more of a fishing type one with fishing trade and a beautiful harbor. One of the very typical feature of this place is traditional clothing of its inhabitants. You have a chance to wear it too and even get a picture as a souvenir. Just walk around this tiny village and get lost around its streets, attractive for artists and painters. Don’t forget to try some local fish and learn how eels were smoked in the past.

Trip Ideas Amsterdam
Day trip 4. The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket

Yes, it’s true- public transport can be overpriced in the Netherlands. But this is exactly why you always have to look for creative solutions, such as the Amsterdam & Region 24h pass. Paying 13.50 EUR per person, you get unlimited access to buses, metro and trams in and around Amsterdam. You can also go to Aalsmeer flower auction, Zandvoort beach, cheese market in Edam, traditional Dutch villages and even legendary Keukenhof Gardens (right now is the perfect season!) with this same ticket! Only trains are not included. Time to explore outside of Amsterdam too! Have fun!

The Pancake Taste of Amsterdam

The Pancakes of Amsterdam

Any Dutch person will assure you that typical Dutch pancakes are the best in the world and even if you don’t like pancakes, you will adore them in the Netherlands. No, there are not the first ones who started making this tasty dish, but they have definitely mastered the skill. And pannenkoek is not just a pancake that you can get anywhere, but a very particular one that you can find in specialized pannenkoeken restaurants in Amsterdam and taste the real deal.

The tales of pancakes

If you think that nowadays the Dutch pay too much attention to such a simple dish as pancakes, then you will be surprised to learn how much respect they had in the 18thcentury. A pancake with honey and milk used to be a traditional wedding breakfast in some parts of the Netherlands, while in other areas it was eaten as a part of Christmas Eve celebration. Luckily, now they won’t serve you a pancake on special occasions, but it’s still often eaten as a main course.

A Dutch pancake is somewhat thicker than a French crêpe and much thinner than an American pancake and usually quite large, which means that you can be full after eating just one. Although the world history of pancakes goes back all the way to the 1st century AD, the Dutch pancakes are known only from 1683.

Pancake's Amsterdam

The variety of toppings

Whether you like savory or sweet, there will be that particular Dutch pancake that you will love, as they come in tons of different variations. The Dutch favorites are probably apple and raisins or plain with unique Dutch syrup or cheese and salami. But how about going beyond that and tasting something like bacon, banana and chilly pancakes or salmon, guacamole and crème fraiche pancakes or pancakes with cherries, vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream? Go wild and explore the flavors that you’ve never combined before!

Only in Amsterdam you can have a pancake trip around the world with international selection served at the Pancake Bakery (Prinsengracht 191): Greenlandic, Indonesian, Hungarian, Masai, Chilean, Norwegian, Thai and so many more. Play with it and choose your favorite ingredients or trust the professionals and let them astonish you!

The smallest restaurant in Europe

Guess the location and specialty of the smallest restaurant in whole Europe! That’s right: Amsterdam and pancakes: Upstairs Pancakes is tinier than you can imagine and has only 4 tables! As you can guess, booking in advance is needed, but this magical place (in almost 500 years old building) and mouth melting pancakes are so much worth it. You have to deserve your treat-so climb the steep stairs to the second floor, where you will be greeted warmly and surrounded by more than 100 hanging teapots everywhere. And when it comes to pancakes themselves, no words can describe how delicious they are! Our favorite is bacon, cheese and fresh fruit pancake (Slavisch), but all other ones are also very good. Think about any ingredient and Upstairs Pancakes got it- freshest, healthiest and often from local farms.

Grimburgwal 2

Pancake's Amsterdam

Eat and float

What can be more Dutch than a combination of eating pancakes and enjoying a view from a boat? If you want to try these activities at the same time, then get on the Pancake Boat to discover Amsterdam from the water and indulge yourself with all-you-can-eat pancakes. Your eating/floating tour can be either  1 hour or 2.5 hour long, which will be perfectly enough to get completely full of pancakes with a wide choice of toppings. The Pancake Boat departs from the other side of IJ (Amsterdam Noord close to the NDSM Wharf ferry stop) where you can get by a free city ferry. It is totally possible to celebrate your special event on this pancake vehicle too, as so many arrangements can be made with the captain.

ms. van Riemsdijkwegt/o 38

Dutch as it can be

While you’re discovering the delicious world of Dutch cuisine, don’t overlook tiny yummy pancakes called poffertjes. We can bet you haven’t tried those outside of Netherlands, and for sure they’ll impress you! Fluffy, spongy and freshly cooked (often right in front of your eyes!), they will melt in your mouth together with butter and powdered sugar. Everything is special about these small poffertjes- the buckwheat flower, a particular cast iron or copper pan and that sweet smell of childhood. No Dutch festivities, national holidays, fun celebrations and carnivals go without a poffertjes stall selling them hot and tasty for everybody to enjoy. So why won’t you try a dozen or two of them?

Eet smakelijk!

Sun Catching at the Best Amsterdam Terraces

Sun Catching at the Best Amsterdam Terraces

These days higher temperatures create an even better image of Amsterdam: warmer, fresher, brighter and more appealing.  When the sun is shining you get to see Dutch people popping up at bars and cafés terraces as beautiful spring flowers-fast and everywhere around the city. So why not follow their example and enjoy the long-awaited sunshine sipping your drink, trying local bites and admiring a gorgeous view.

Amsterdam Terraces

In the park

You might be surprised with the amount of Dutchies already laying on the grass around all 30 parks of Amsterdam. Even if it’s still cold, but the sun is out, locals are ready to take their jackets off and catch some rays in the green spots of the city. Let’s share these fun places with them, herrons, ducks and large green parrots (yes, they are permanent residents of Amsterdam too!).

Amsterdam Terraces

Pacific Parc

Located in Westerpark, this lively bar/restaurant is a part of Westergasfabriek complex that attracts alternative people coming here for cultural events and nice time at the huge terrace. Westergasfabriek is quite a unique venue worth seeing, as it’s a former gasworks that are recognized as monumental buildings now. Lots of creativity, recycled materials, lush green park and young folks bring in a very special easygoing atmosphere at Pacific Parc. Be ready for some rock n roll here in the evening!

Westergasfabriek, Westerpark

The Blauwe Teehuis

This Blue Teahouse serves way more than just tea on its ground floor garden terrace and a panoramic balcony patio in the heart of Vondelpark. The building itself is quite modern for Amsterdam, but the green park and blooming flowers add lots of charm to it. Keep your eyes open for the nests of those parrots right next to the terrace, and allow yourself some time to explore the park too. Vondelpark hides an original sculpture by Pablo Picasso, romantic spots by the water and even small fairytale like bridges.

Vondelpark, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid 

Amsterdam Terraces

Amazing waterside terraces

Who ordered an incredible view? It is almost impossible to choose the best waterside terrace in Amsterdam, as its 165 canals create a picturesque city landscape in all the directions. A week won’t be enough to enjoy yourself on all the attractive patios by canalside, but let’s start with a few.

 Café de Jaren

One of the most central cafés with a nice terrace, Café de Jaren offers a stunning view of the Amstel River and passing by boats. Their quite large deck and buzzing vibe makes it into a nice lunch spot on a sunny day. The menu is casual and international here with highly ranked soups. If the weather is not suitable for the terrace, Café de Jaren has two storeys of light inside space too.

Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20

Amsterdam Terraces
Amsterdam Roest

Amsterdam Roest is that cool industrial hangout spot with a more alternative crowd, hip concerts and authentic markets by the canalside city beach. Explore this sandy, groovy and fun bar/café terrace perfect for trying local beers. Maybe Roest looks a bit rusty for some people, but it definitely got the spirit!

Czaar Peterstraat 213


Colorful and arty, Waterkant has a tropical ambiance inspired by Suriname and enormous waterside terrace. If you stay long enough while trying their specialties, you might get lucky with a nice evening event and a DJ playing. There is a lot of Surinamese influence in Amsterdam adding more intercultural character to the city, because Suriname used to be one of the Dutch colonies.

Marnixstraat 246


Make an exciting adventure out of your afternoon drink in the sun by taking a free ferry to Amsterdam North to find yourself at the terrace of the EYE Bar and Restaurant. Look at Amsterdam from another side of the IJ, explore the urban northern part of the city full of hipsters and maybe even decide to check out the Film Museum there. One of the trendiest places in the city, EYE is a masterpiece of modern architecture.

IJpromenade 1, Amsterdam Noord

Amsterdam Terraces

 Historical terraces of Amsterdam

Café de Sluyswacht

A bit crooked yet delightful, this former cottage of a lockkeeper serves as a nice café with a wonderful canalside terrace. Built in 1695, it gives you a wrapping historical feel combined with a great opportunity for some relaxed people watching.

Jodenbreestraat 1

Restaurant-Café In de Waag

Even older (built in 1488!) In de Waag shares its historical secrets accompanied by nice drinks and snacks (and even better deserts!) at its charming terrace. Enjoy the view of this monumental architecture and always alive Nieuwmarkt square while trying Mediterranean cuisine or just sipping your coffee. A remarkable fact is that de Waag is the oldest building among non-religious ones in Amsterdam, and it can be seen on one of Rembrandt’s paintings!

Nieuwmarkt 4

Party all week long in Amsterdam

Party all week long in Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is by right the city that never sleeps and always has something happening. If you feel for a party then you should go no further, as this crazy place got it all! Amsterdam has so much to offer and even more so, when it comes to the nightlife scene. Whether your soul is craving for some live music, your feet for some unstoppable dancing, your heart for some broken beats, your ears for some lovely tunes and yourself for something completely different, this city will deliver it at the highest level. Every day of the week brings something new worth attending, so let’s have it all and check all these places out for good music, crazy parties and nice company.


The Winston Kingdom

You can start your partying week with Cheeky Monday at the Winston Kingdom dancing hard to drum’n’bass and jungle. As a matter of fact, this small a bit more alternative club in the Red Light District is open every night and offers different styles each time: from electro to punk, hiphop to jazz, rock to glam, live music to DJs playing.

Entrance: € 7 (free till 10 pm)

Party Amsterdam


Wibaut Avenue Cocktail at Canvas means that you indulge yourself with records from a famous Amsterdam DJ with a small basket on his folding bike. Moreover, you will be stunned by a 360° view of Amsterdam from the seventh floor.

Entrance: free  


Supperclub offers a special fancy Monday party when artists, DJs, promoters and producers from the hottest Amsterdam locations come together. Dance to old school r&b, hip-hop and house at this historical odeon building famous for 190 degrees of visual projections.

Entrance: € 12.50



Techno lovers will feel at home at Sugarfactory every Techno Tuesday. This cutting-edge night theater gathers a good crown with a heart for electronic music at its large dance floor. The variety of performing artists and DJs on other days will make you want to come back at other days of the week too.

Entrance: free

Party Amsterdam



One of the coziest venues and clubs in Amsterdam, Melkweg often hosts some larger festivals and more famous artists. It is also a great place to listen to new talents and extend your playlist with new singer-songwriters’ names. Lots of indie, hiphop, trance, house, d’n’b and new alternative styles can often be relished at Melkweg.

Entrance: price depends on the event


Paradiso is a legendary Amsterdam club in a former church with a few halls for all types of music that you can imagine. It is very popular as a live music venue and hosts huge names and festivals, but it is also a night club. Often you can choose among four or five events per night at Paradiso.

Entrance: hugely varies per event

Party Amsterdam



Q-Factory is way more than a concert venue or club, as it’s one of the largest music makers centers in Europe that gives an opportunity for musicians to rehearse and record. So you can imagine that this creative space unites some of the most talented souls from all over. You will enjoy nice live music (again all the types, sometimes with very touching singer-songwriters), DJs sets, talent shows and more at Q-Factory. You can choose between the performance at the great hall, almost family-like concerts at the small hall or hip tunes in their chilled out café.

Entrance: often free live music on Thursdays at Q-Café

Amsterdam Roest

Do you fancy a cocktail evening to the sound of disco, house and boogie classics? Amsterdam Roest prepares Cocktail Barlag for you each Thursday with swinging music from 70s to 90s combined with discounted cocktails. Discover this industrial space next to the waterside and feel the spirit of more alternative Amsterdam East.

Entrance: free most of the time



Everybody would agree that Friday night is a party night, and that’s why Bitterzoet is the right place to be! DJs, bands and musicians of all backgrounds will surprise you here with the music of your choice: ska, hiphop, funk, soul, rock and punk. Bitterzoet often organizes events together with  Paradiso.

Entrance: price  depends on the event


Party Amsterdam

Depot Amsterdam

Hipsters-oriented Amsterdam North hides a warehouse club, where you can party to deep house, techno and more. Depot Amsterdam has this post-industrial spirit that adds up to the experience.

Entrance: price depends on the event



In case you are more into underground clubbing, then welcome to OT301 with its graffiti-loaded corridor, more anarchic set up, smoking permitted everywhere and bustling hall. The styles vary around techno, house, dubstep and drum’n’bass here.

Entrance: usually around €7-8

The Box

A huge space of the Box (a club within a walking distance from Amsterdam Teleport Hotel) hosts some larger events and must attend concerts full of drive and big line-ups. It reopened only half a year ago, and now you have a chance to see the massiveness of it yourself.

Entrance: price depends on the event


Party Amsterdam



Located very close to the hotel, Westergasfabriek attracts progressive independent thinkers who appreciate different type of creativity and counter-culture music. Hip and trendy, this former gas factory can make your Sunday evening with interesting music and locally brewed beer.

Entrance: can be free, but also depends on the event

The Waterhole

If you prefer live music on Sunday evening, then the Waterhole is open for you with its numerous live bands 365 days per year (this year even 366 days!).  Local Dutch or foreign musicians, young  or old, originals or covers, entertaining jams and high quality sound, the diversity of styles and audience –that’s all about this little pub/club right next to Leidseplein. Monday Music Meeting features local music students, who are about to become new stars of Amsterdam.

Entrance: €2,-

Say Cheese in Amsterdam

Say Cheese in Holland

When asked about the first thought hearing “Holland,” many people would say “cheese” without a doubt.  The Dutch are known for making cheese since prehistorical times (way before they started to grow and trade their tulips) and they’ve made their product world known. Nowadays the Netherlands is one of the largest cheese producers in the world, exporting their Gouda to 130 countries. So if you happen to be in Amsterdam, you shouldn’t leave without discovering the world of Dutch cheese and its palette of flavors.

Way more than Gouda

Although Gouda is the best-known cheese in the Netherlands (and usually is the first choice of locals when they’re making their super delicious sandwiches), it is not the only cheese type in Holland worth trying. Maasdammer will surprise lovers of typical Swiss cheese by its sweet taste with a nutty note, while Geitenkaas will melt in anybody’s mouth with a bit of fresh honey. Boerenkaas bought from a local farmer will disclose its unique creamy taste due to fresh unpasteurized milk with a glass of fresh unpasteurized beer. Delft’s Blauw will change your perception of blue cheese forever, while Old Amsterdam cheese might become your favorite and cause some overweight in the luggage on the way back from Holland. So many types and flavors (cumin, mustard seeds and cloves are only a few) to try, so open up your taste buds and be ready for delightful sampling in Amsterdam!

Shop and try in Amsterdam

It is hardly possible to imagine a cheese shop in Amsterdam where you won’t be able to try your cheese before making a final shopping decision. You will probably pass quite a few cheese stores in the heart of the city (Reypenaer Proeflokaal, Henry Willig Cheese, Cheese Museum, Old Amsterdam Cheese Store and more), but since lots of them are quite touristy, let’s look at the more local options.

De Kaaskamer

Located in the beautiful shopping district of 9 Streets, De Kaaskamer sells some of the best Dutch cheeses, various European cheeses, organic farmhouse types, very old matured pieces, interesting specialty cheeses and everything that can go with them (including wines & beers). The stock of 400 cheeses will amuse with its variety and exclusive types like Old Sheep Cheese with Sea Lavender, Organic Goat Cheese with Potato skins, Selected Gouda Cheese 3 Years and many more.

Runstraat 7

Kaashuis Tromp

The knowledgeable and helpful team of Kaashuis Tromp will be glad to offer you authentic, biological cheeses from Holland as well as diverse high quality cheeses from all over Europe. They have multiple locations around the Netherlands, but it doesn’t matter which one you choose, as their cheese will taste just as good. Try their Kruidenkaas (with different herbs), Pikante kaas if you like spicier and skinny or diet cheeses if you want the calories to be invisible.

Elandsgracht 27 or Utrechtsestraat 90

Fromagerie Abraham Kef

Abraham Kef cheese shops offer exclusive assortment of cheeses that changes with the seasons and with the best time for a particular cheese type. They focus on cheeses made by small producers from the Netherlands and France, especially the raw milk cheeses. Lots of storytelling and personal recommendations are involved when choosing the right cheese at this fromagerie.

Marnixstraat 192 or Czaar Peterstraat 137

Ten Katemarket

In case you are interested in buying good Dutch cheese, but want it to be affordable, then this local market in Amsterdam West will surprise you with its authenticity and great prices. Ten Katemarket has a couple of stalls with cheese where an older Dutch owner will tell you all about his product.

NeighbourFood Market

This is a very special market in Westergasfabriek, which doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, then all the local producers come together. Here you will have a great opportunity to combine cheese tasting with other locally produced delicious items.

Going out for cheese

True cheese fans won’t settle only for trying, buying and bringing home cheese, but they would want to have the whole dining experience with the good Dutch cheese. That would be perfectly possible and even recommended at Fondue & Fondue (Overtoom 415) and Café Bern (Nieuwmarkt 9). While most of the restaurants in Amsterdam will serve you a nice cheese plate or board, these two places will go further and indulge you into cheese fondue. Aside from this fancier options, don’t forget about local fast food spots where you should try kaassouffles- a very Dutch snack of deep fried cheese.

Biggest cheese markets in the Netherlands

If you want to extend your cheese experience in Holland and get the highest level of cheese knowledge, then hop on a train and explore the biggest Dutch cheese markets of Alkmaar, Edam and Gouda. Alkmaar hosts a very unique old cheese market with all the traditions of trade being followed from April to September. Visitors can enjoy a folkloric spectacle of cheese weighing, cheese carriers performing their duty and cheese sellers advertising their product. In addition to this spectacular show, Alkmaar opens its doors to The Dutch Cheese Museum, where you can learn everything about this delicious product and how it has been serving the country for centuries.

The  Edam cheese market features summer reenactments of the Middle Ages, when cheese was delivered to the main square by horse-drawn vehicle or boat and then weighing and sampling started. It is also quite an experience and leaves you with way more impressions than a regular market would.

If you are into Dutch cheese, you just cannot miss the Gouda cheese market, as the cheese type of the same name accounts for more than 60% of cheese production in the Netherlands. It is an authentic market, where local farmers sell their best cheeses and where the cheese weighing house offers some fun entertainment. They will even weigh you using cheese as a measure of weight.

Do You Fancy A Good Beer In Amsterdam?

Do You Fancy a Good Beer in Amsterdam?

Whether you like ale, I.P.A., stout, pilsner, wheat beer, lager or any other type, Amsterdam has them all in all possible variations. Moreover, this city offers them produced by small independent breweries that have their own styles, flavors and spirit. It is understandable that most of the tourists want to try Heineken in Amsterdam, but we advise you to go further and deeper and discover the world of unique Dutch micro breweries and their tasteful draught beers.

Bits of history

The history of beer in the Netherlands goes back to the Middle Ages, when the Dutch were drinking it like water. As clean drinking water was limited at those times people would drink low alcohol beer instead, which was produced in their homes or monasteries. The number of breweries  was immense then, but it was way before Heineken was established in Amsterdam. The Dutch beer scene has never been the same after that giant entered the market in 1864 and bought numerous small competitors. Since then Heineken has been thriving all over the world, owning half of the beer market in the Netherlands. It even merged with famous beer brand Amstel- so now you know where the similarity in taste of Heineken and Amstel comes from.

If you want to know more about it or learn about the Heineken kidnapping case (when the owner of this company got kidnapped and around 60 million euro had to be paid for him!), then it will be a great idea to get Heineken Experience in the former Heineken Brewery.

Stadhouderskade 78

So how come have all those local micro breweries revived in Amsterdam? Believe it or not, but it happened thankfully to punk and squat subculture in the 80’s. They were so much against the capitalism of Heineken, that they started their own alternative beer scene. Later it grew into lots of independent breweries all over the city that offer good beer and different vibe that the mainstream beer pubs.

Oedipus Brewing

Oedipus Brewing offers colorful and diverse flavored beers with super original names. This startup has a fascinating story, hip style, lots of festival experience and most importantly beer that breaks the stereotype “all beer tastes the same.” Their brand new taproom (only half a year old) with 12 rotating taps serves as an artsy space, where beer, music and culture come together every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Oedipus Brewing also features all-inclusive tasting with a tour around the brewery and degustation of their specials.

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 85

Butcher’s Tears

Butcher’s Tears is a vintage and industrial microbrewery that is proud to present hand-crafted beers available to order at their tasting room. They try to do something different from other breweries in Amsterdam and revive nearly forgotten traditions of brewing combining it with lots of experimenting. The proeflokaal is located next wall to Butcher’s Tear brewery, where tasty unfiltered and unpasteurized beers can be tried sometimes accompanied by special events there.

Karperweg 45

Brouwerij De Vriendschap

Innovative and modern, Brouwerij De Vriendschap create new beers at their lab almost every week. Their craft beers can be tried in a few local bars in Amsterdam or purchased in one of the beer specialty shops. Although they have a nice spot in the north of the city, there is no tasting room or their own bar where you can enjoy their nice beers.

Meteorenweg 270

Brouwerij ’t IJ

Often mistakenly referred to as the windmill brewery, Brouwerij ’t IJ is one of the oldest small breweries in Amsterdam and located in the building of a former bath house. The truth is that De Gooyer windmill next door is not related to the brewery in any way. It only serves as a memorable landmark and is depicted on Brouwerij ’t IJ logo. When it comes to beer, this brewery has a good reputation and lots of loyal fans. Their 8 standard beers have organic certification, while their seasonal and limited edition beers are very different from the regular types. If you are curious about the scenes behind the bar and brewing process as such, then you can come for a 20 minute brewery tour at Brouwerij ’t IJ on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Funenkade 7

Two Chefs Brewing

Two chefs from Two Chefs Brewing create interesting beers that are far from regular lagers, but full of taste and character instead. From time to time the founders of this small brewery can host popup dinners, but the best way to spot them is to look for pairing events in various restaurants in Amsterdam. Two Chefs Brewing beer can often be found at the special beer festivals around the Netherlands. The best way to follow their schedule is to check their website or facebook group.

‘t Arendsnest

There is a great solution called  ‘t Arendsnest for those who don’t want to hop from one local brewery to another, but want to try all sorts of the golden grain juice produced in the Netherlands at one place. This pub features more than 30 types of draught beer and around 100 types of bottled beer from all over the country with beer tasting available at their basement proeflokaal.

Herengracht 90

De Bierkoning

And in case you don’t want to go out for a beer in Amsterdam and practice your “Mag ik een biertje alstublieft?” then there is an exciting unique beer shop for you. It has more than 1500 special beers from all over as well as original beer glasses and books. It is hard to image what beer you won’t be able to find there, as even the rarest ones are available there. So don’t limit yourself to the typical beer types that you’ve already tried!

Paleisstraat 125

Be My Valentine in Amsterdam

Be My Valentine in Amsterdam

The romance of Saint Valentine’s Day is enhanced by charming narrow streets of Amsterdam, its picturesque bridges, tiny cafes and just a very unique love atmosphere. One of the coziest and heart-warming capitals in the world, Amsterdam is an amazing place to celebrate love just on any day, and of course on the soon coming weekend of 13th-14th of February. Add some festive events and exceptional things to do in the city during these days, and you are up for an ideal Valentine’s Day with your beloved one.

Be My Valentine Amsterdam
24H Oost

This 2 days festival (13th-14th of February) will uncover the secrets of lifestyle, traditions and creativity of the cheerful neighborhoods of east Amsterdam. Head for 24H Oost with your date and attend Valentine’s bootcamp, participate in workshops together, get inspired by musical theater and concerts, admire culinary artwork and fair fashion event. How about making a Valentine’s card for each other, creating your own perfume, baking pizza or brewing water kefir together following the tips of professionals there? In the evening make sure to indulge yourself to a special roast prepared by Chef Valentine at Roest followed by Djs and a nice vibe party. 24H Oost programme has so much more to offer, just check it out here for more details and all the locations

Be My Valentine Amsterdam
Let’s get married!

Although Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for a real proposal, you don’t have to be all serious about marriage this day. Come and join a fun imaginary wedding at Emporium of Wonders featuring an all day celebration of love on the 13th and 14th of February. Special ceremonies and workshops for lovebirds at this location will add some amusement and joy to these days. Maybe it’s time to sign up for a massage workshop and practice on each other?

Be My Valentine Amsterdam
The boat/bike of love

When you feel like exploring the city instead of attending the offered events, then Amsterdam is the right place for it.  Add some special Dutch flavor to it by doing so with a canal ride. Whether it will be a Valentine’s cruise provided by one of the tour operators or just a small rental boat, it will turn your day or evening into an unforgettable romantic experience.

Another way to spend time with your Valentine is riding a tandem bike along the streets and canals of charming Amsterdam. Don’t forget to stop at the skinny bridge (The Magere Brug) and kiss your second half there, as it will make you stay together forever (at least that’s what the legend tells).

Be My Valentine Amsterdam
Exchange romance for curiosity

The romance of kissing might be gone once you learn how many microbes you exchange with your partner during a passionate kiss. On the Eve of Saint Valentine’s Day visit Micropia at Artisplein together to satisfy your curiosity by looking at Kiss-O-Meter and discovering the invisible world of microbes. This is the only microbes’ museum in the world and can be a good alternative to all the typical romantic agenda.

Yoga, music, movies and more

If you don’t want to jump from place to place and visit events at various locations, then Pllek is an ideal solution for you. It will keep you busy and entertained from morning till evening with its Valentine’s special. This warm and creative venue offers a yoga class with a beautiful view over the water to start your day, afternoon kids workshop in case you already have children with your significant other and laidback life music all afternoon and evening long (free entrance). You can finish your day with a movie for adults that can be accompanied by a three course dinner. To learn about location or other events, go to Pllek website:

A bit cliché yet enchanting

And yes, going out for a movie on Valentine’s night is cliché, but who cares if the movie theater is a masterpiece by itself. Spend some nice gezellig time with your love at the Movies at Haarlemmerdijk, which is the oldest movie theater in Amsterdam opened in 1912, giving you the spirit of those aged times. Another marvelous place to watch a movie on this special night is Tuschinski Theater with its remarkable mix of styles that make it one of the prettiest cinemas in the world. Attending one of these two movie theaters will leave you with much more than just watching a nice romantic movie.

Comedytrain International

In case you are excited about watching some good acting, but don’t feel for a movie, then Nick Thune will make you and your partner with his comedy at Toomler. Mixing storytelling with one-liners this American comedian will bring some wit and fun to your Valentine’s celebration.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter what you will be doing on Valentine’s day this year, as long as you spend it together with your loved one and in Amsterdam of courseJ Share your love and remember that Amsterdam loves you!