Magic Mushroom tripping in Amsterdam

Let’s be honest, a lot of the tourists visiting Amsterdam not only come to see our majestic canal belt, visit world class museums or to experience where Anne Frank was taking shelter during WW ll. On the contrary actually, despite all the beauty that the city has to offer many of the people coming to Amsterdam are here for the coffee shops, smart shops (mushroom, truffles and more) and red light district! Having lived in Amsterdam for whole my life and considering all of this to be normal, I hardly realize how special it is to have so much freedom, tolerance and so many different drugs to experiment with openly without ending up behind bars! While working and communicating with tourists a lot over the last year, seeing their excitement for everything that is waiting for them in Amsterdam but also finding out many of them have huge question marks over their heads when it comes to the (soft)drugs usage, it is time to start sharing some of my own experiences!


What to expect?

Trying out something new is always a bit anxious and exciting at the same time, especially with drugs! You don’t know what to expect, how your body will react and of course all the bad trip stories out there don’t help too much either to start getting to feel comfortable with your upcoming trip. For me personally it has already been 5 years ago since my last magic mushroom trip. Quite a few things changed since then actually when it comes to selling and the types available in the shops about which I will explain more a bit further down the blog! I am drifting away from the topic ..

What to expect after eating the mushroom(s)? Let’s start with the first stage: the consuming part. I never was a big fan of mushrooms since the very childhood so I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the eating part of my trip. The worst part is that it doesn’t make sense to swallow them fast. To make sure you make everything out of your trip you need to chew on them endlessly until they get all mushy and you get all the psilocybins out of them. Then its time to swallow the mushy stuff!  Another way of making sure the trip will kick in fast is to eat the mushroom(s) on an empty stomach! Don’t expect to start tripping right away though. It normally takes 30 to 60 minutes before the fun really starts. The first thing that you  will mention is that things around you start to gain more contrast and you start paying more attention to them. All your senses are starting to get a huge boost now. Everything you feel, see or hear will be so much more beautiful compared to how you normally experience them. When everything goes well you start to feel high and euphoric. Some people prefer to lay down,  close their eyes and drench themselves into a warm bath of colors, unlimited thinking and happiness. Others prefer to keep their eyes open and to look at all the magic happening around them. It will look as if the whole world is coming alive, things will start to change form, you will see colors and light doing the craziest things but in general in a very soothing, calming and mind blowing way. To me it never was frightening. The intensity of the trip will go up and down and can last for more than 4 hours. The best part is that you will be fully aware of everything happening and will keep feeling a sense of control.

Frame of Mind series. Composition of human face wire-frame and fractal elements with metaphorical relationship to mind, reason, thought, mental powers and mystic consciousness

Almost banned

Since December 2008 they banned magic mushrooms in the Netherlands. Possession and selling them became illegal. In a couple of cases where a man killed his dog, a young girl jumped down an overpass and another guy going insane in a bar, being under the influence of magic mushrooms was believed to be the cause of all these tragedies. Eventually politics adjusted the legislation and banned them.  There always was a lot of skepticism regarding the true cause of these incidents. Later it was proven that there were no traces of magic mushrooms in the blood of both the girl and the man killing his dog. Luckily the politics only put up a list of mushroom types that they banned but not the psychedelic compounds psilocybin and psilocin! When people started to realize this, the hunt for new magic mushrooms started and mother nature didn’t disappoint them. Politics overlooked one type that was growing underground: the truffle!


Magic Mushrooms or Truffles?

When you visit one of the smart shops in Amsterdam you will see different types of truffles. A couple of the well know ones are:  Mexicana’s, Hawaiians, Dragon’s dynamite, Mushrocks and Tampanensis. Some of them quite obviously named after their banned cousins! :) All of them provide the same intense colorful psychedelic trip and feelings of euphoria. Some of them are stronger and require more experience than others. In general smart shop re-sellers are very helpful when it comes to explaining all the different types and give you some decent beginner advise.  Don’t be afraid to ask!



Amsterdam has many different smart shops but here is a list that I know is reliable and have good experiences with!

When nature calls: Very decent and beautiful shop on the corner of Leidsestraat and Keizersgracht. Great variety of different products and very helpful staff.

Magic mushroom gallery: Cool shop in Spuistraat. Hard to miss the Mario look a like sign outside their shop!

Kokopelli: Very close to the red light district in the Warmoestraat you will find this very curious smart shop. Even if you are not interested in tripping this shop is worth a visit.


Do’s and dont’s

Obviously no drug is completely risk free. From my own personal experience I found mushrooms a very cool , nice and warm experience. Mushrooms are a product from nature and of course no chemical components are added. They are being consumed for thousands of years by tribes all over the world and praised for their spiritual capabilities. To make sure your trip is going to be an unforgettable one please keep the following in mind:

– Consume them with people you like.

– Be in a place you feel safe and comfortable.

– Don’t consume them if you feel sad, anxious or down.

– It is a product of nature. Try to get as close to nature as you can for a mind blowing experience. Go to a forest, park or other beautiful place with nature nearby.

– If the trip is getting to intense eat or drink something with a lot of sugar. You will come back to earth soon! :)

– Get decent advise from the smart shop and don’t start with the strongest ones.

Lost glory of the street art in Wijdesteeg

For many people Amsterdam is associated with alternative culture, different progressive subcultures, street art and fresh view on the society. It used to be so, when anti-capitalistic youth often with an anarchic approach were striving in the city, keeping creative spirit alive, adding a soul to the streets and making a community with like-minded individuals. It was also the time when squatting was huge in Amsterdam, expanding the alternative scene and making the city more liberal. Spuistraat and Wijdesteeg once were two very important places in the history of squatting in Amsterdam. Want to know why then keep on reading.


What’s squatting?

While some of you might be familiar with the idea of squatting (maybe you’ve even tried it yourself!), others could be interested in learning more. Usually it refers to occupying an abandoned building with a purpose of residing there. One claims the building without any lawful permission for it, not for renting or owning the new home. Squatting usually comes with a certain mentality, often with a rebellious spirit against the system. That leads to transformation of it from just living in the unoccupied area into a special movement of people sharing the same ideas. It’s estimated that there are around 1 billion squatters around the globe, and this number is expected to grow.


How does it work in Amsterdam?

As expected from open-minded Amsterdam, it  has a large community of squatters, who tend to be creative, free-spirited people, with strong values and beliefs. There are even special sessions (kraakspreekuur) organized by squatters, where one can get advice on how and where to do it, rather than just go for the option of “wild” squatting.  However, what used to be a city paradise for squatters is there no more, as squatting was criminalized in the Netherlands in 2010. Once legal activity and lifestyle turned into a forbidden action that lead to protests, arrests and some buildings’ demolition. The squatting ban also killed lots of creativity and street art in Amsterdam, as cultural centers and galleries got closed, pieces of wall art got painted over or the walls got destroyed.


The Snakehouse

One of the most iconic squatted spaces in Amsterdam was De Slang, a famous building at Spuistraat with a magnificent colorful snake mural on it. It was well loved by locals, as lots of art events took place there with a great vibe and nice people. The Snakehouse was squatted by artists, which also attracted other creative minds, and beautiful results were born on the walls of Spuistraat and Wijdesteeg. There were covered with astonishing artworks, admired by tourists and locals alike.  The narrow street of Wijdesteeg was like an open air street art museum. It used to be one of the most photographed alley of the city, but it has seen its times, as the squatted buildings were taken over by the municipality. The fight between Amsterdam squatters and the municipality lasted long, but the city won with lots of art sacrifices.


Hero de Janeiro

One of the local street heroes that added color to Amsterdam and particularly Wijdesteeg is Hero de Janeiro.  This talented artist is known for painting bright puzzle pieces on the dull concrete. Although many of his bigger cool projects are gone with the knocked down or fenced off buildings, some of his work still makes Spuistraat more colorful and joyful. He creates the smaller art by pasting different frames against the city walls, while the larger pieces are mainly made out of stencils that this street artist attaches to Amsterdam walls.


Hero de Janeiro’s most recognizable characters are Jip & Janneke, Karl Lagerfeld with a ghetto blaster (a sign of Hero’s music aspirations, as he’s also an experience DJ), the Dutch milkmaid, Andy Warhol and the tough penguin. All of them intend to make you happier and add more vibrant life to daily routines.  These charismatic art pieces appear not only in Amsterdam, but also around the world. And guess where the next one will be! That’s right, Amsterdam Teleport Hotel! Next week Hero de Janeiro will decorate the sidewalk in front of our hotel with his stunning artwork. And even more, he will join us for the Street Art Event at Teleport on 27-28 November,  when we’ll  be celebrating art with graffiti workshops, live DJ and free Mojitos! You’re invited too! Discover! Create! Inspire!

ADE is coming to town! Are you ready for it?

Middle of October marks the transformation of Amsterdam into the world’s top clubbing capital with the impressive Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). This 5-day electronic music festival and conference takes over the city, occupying 385 venues with 2,200+ international artists and turning Amsterdam into a clubbing mecca. The program includes performances of professional artists and producers of all electronic styles, covers all other aspects of electronic culture like art, talks, films and offers a conference with 450 speakers and 9 multiple program streams.


If you’re still not persuaded by the size of the ADE, then you will once you decide to join 375,000+ visitors of the festival and start choosing from 450+ events on 19th-23rd of October. But how do you decide on the events to attend when the line-up is full with world-famous names during these 5 unbelievable days and nights? Of course, you can personalize your experience by checking the program and selecting your favorite artists, or you can just follow our highlights’ recommendations.

AMF Arena

Are you on a hunt for big names? Then AMF Arena proudly presents the Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano,Axwell ˄Ingrosso and Hardwell- all in one day! This will be the largest show within the Amsterdam Dance Event with the most spectacular special effects, amazing sound and immense music by legends. You can’t miss out this huge Saturday in Amsterdam!


Have a different electronic music experience with a 4-day spectacle at floating Undercurrent- unique venue in the north of Amsterdam. This year some of the most impressive names are Hunee, Ben UFO, Hashman Deejay, Daan Donk and many more.

Before Present

How about a combination of electronic dance music and contemporary opera at a hip industrial NDSM Shipyard wharf? DJ-producer and beat maker Sjamsoedin collaborates with classical composer and vocalist Anat Spiegel for this performance, creating an attractive mix of voices and instruments flowing into a vibrant opera.


Phillip Glass & Laurie Anderson

Another marvelous combination of the classical giant and avant-garde composer that come together to amuse you with interdisciplinary music. Phillip Glass uses traditional diatonic harmonies, while Laurie Anderson is a known pioneer in electronic music.

Theo Parrish

Detroit’s king Theo Parrish will be sharing his unique and dynamic music with you all night long at Radion. The performance of this legendary DJ and producer will be accompanied by fresh house music by successful beatmaker Byron the Aquarius and intimate sounds by Wendel Sield.

Free ADE Talks

When tired after days and nights of partying, stop by for a free talk by famous DJs with discussions and time for questions at the new Iamsterdam Store. And sure, it’s not only about talking, but also some danceable DJ sets afterwards to get into the right mood for the next party. You can get your festival tickets and official Amsterdam Dance Event souvenirs here too.


Global Underground ‘Twenty’

All the fans of Global Underground music will have a blast at the 20th anniversary celebration at Q-Factory in Amsterdam. The most famous headliners of the label will be presented by Darren Emerson, James Lavelle, Habischman and Eelke Kleijn. Lots of great sound, photo exhibition and birthday party.

By now you probably know that the best place to stay at during the Amsterdam Dance Event is Amsterdam Teleport Hotel, as we’ve prepared a special treatment for you for the period of the festival. Get ready for the ADE party with our creative DJ playing those electronic tunes for you and our talented bartender making free fresh Mojitos for all of the guests. Feel the dance vibe upon arrival and throughout the stay! Join us for a 5-day party at Teleport on 19th-23rd of October!


The Street Art Life of Amsterdam

As the Banksy exhibition has  recently left Amsterdam, it’s time to explore the  stunning street-art of the city available year-round and for free. From the first glance it might look that Amsterdam doesn’t have enough graffiti, murals, stencils, stickers and other forms of alternative art, but the first impressions can be deceiving. The truth is that our radiant city is full of them, but you might need to have your eyes open, pay attention and even know the hot spots of the local street artists. Let us help you a bit with that and send you at the right direction.

The NDSM Wharf

We can’t highlight enough the creative artsy spirit of the northern part of Amsterdam, where you see stunning graffiti and stencils every way you look. The NDSM Wharf is a vibrant industrial area with old cranes, trams turned into art projects, metal containers, huge ship halls and plenty of walls. All the colors of street-art look especially bright and vivid here with the rusty objects on the background. You can even see artists creating new pieces right in front of you, making the old walls come to life again. All you need to do is take a free ferry in the direction of NDSM behind the Central Station, and the best water views and street-art are guaranteed! As soon as your ferry arrives to the other side, you will be astonished by a gigantic colorful mural of Anne Frank’s portrait (240 square meters!!), recently painted by a very talented Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra.IMG_0118

Space Invaders of the Jordaan

The historical and more authentic part of Amsterdam, called the Jordaan, might be one of the least expected places for street-art, but it’s full of small charming pieces. One of the most impressive murals here is done by iconic local artists the London Police that spread love with their joyful LADS characters. The Jordaan also hides a bunch of Space Invaders, which are mosaic artworks spread around 60 cities all over the world. The best news is that now you can collect those pieces through a Flash Invaders app same way as you do with Pokémon these days. Except these invaders are the real art that you find on the walls. Make sure to check out Marnixstraat for constantly updating colorful graffiti.


The Past Glory of Spuistraat

Not that long ago if you walked down Spuistraat in Amsterdam, you could enjoy numerous art pieces on the walls of all the squatted buildings right in the heart of the city. Creativity used to be limitless here, while the rebellious vibe was felt in the air. The situation has changed quite a bit since the municipality took over the central masterpiece of De Slang. What used to be an iconic picture of alternative scene of Amsterdam is unfortunately no more there. However, you can still find a few brightly painted garages’ doors, squatted bars with their doors full of graffiti and millions of small stencils and stickers along the street. Spuistraat is definitely worth having a look still, but you really need to look closely and check out tiny side streets too.



In case you want to see whether the roots of Amsterdam’s street art are coming from, then welcome to this bridge (under the bridge to be precise). Just take a tram 14 to the Flevopark, and you will find the graffiti paradise in the end of the line. Schellingwoudebrug goes over the IJ and is the witness of the crazy 90s, when street artists from all over the globe presented their wall pieces to Amsterdam.


Downtown Street Art Map

How about turning your day in Amsterdam into a street art quest? Just use this map to locate the best pieces in town, see how many invaders you can detect and what gallery turns out to be your favorite. Amsterdam’s street art goes way beyond some cool graffiti in the hidden spots, it becomes a trend of the city, worth exhibiting in museums and galleries. Even the local municipality realizes the importance of alternative art for the cultural life, providing the street artists with legal opportunities to create and present their pieces to all the guests to enjoy.

Amsterdam Teleport Hotel is happy to join with our grand Street Art Event on 27-28 November, so stay tuned to learn more!

Teleport Birthday Celebration in the Red Light District

As some of you might know Amsterdam Teleport Hotel has recently turned 1 year old, which was a year of growth, success and joy for all of us. Although we had a great birthday celebration with our guests in the hotel on the day itself, it took the team a while to throw our own little party. And since we’re starting a new collaboration with SANDEMANs Tours we’ve decided to use the opportunity and go wild with the Red Light District Tour, some drinks in between and a festive dinner as a finishing touch.

Our fun start

Same as the last time, when having a day out with our amazing team, we gathered at the hotel, grabbed our rental bikes (so easy to ride!) and headed to the city center through the green beauty of Westerpark.  Having  a beer before the tour sounded like the right thing to do and so we found ourselves at  gezellig ‘t Loosje that had become our favorite bar at the Nieuwmarkt. It’s one of those typical Dutch brown cafés-so nice and cozy for a glass of beer or two in a good company. Our Canadian/Dutch tour guide Lee met us at the bar and the adventure was on!


Blue lights in the Red Light District?

We were surprised to start the tour with the alley of windows with blue lights instead of red ones, but it turned out to be a part of De Wallen with a special twist. Little did we know that that florescent blue was indicating the windows of transsexual sex workers, and not exactly the regular ladies we were expecting to see. Well, the change of light might be quite helpful for some men looking for an adventure after a few drinks-sometimes you can’t tell the difference, so the blue color is the safe guide. So unless you’re deliberately looking for transgenders or transvestites (and it’s only 5% of them in the Red Light District), you might need to have your eyes open  and pay attention to such signs as a small penis hidden in a fence. By the way, we haven’t encounter any male prostitutes throughout the tour, so too bad for our female part of the team.

Casa Rosso

Then we got introduced to the biggest sex theater in Amsterdam, where it’s all about adults entertainment that goes way beyond regular strip dancing. Casa Rosso can make anybody sweat with their daily erotic shows performed by hot talented artists who might interact with you directly, especially if you’re the bachelor(ette). We finally uncovered the secret of the swans of the Red Light District, as our guide explained that Casa Rosso lured them there, and we bet it was something special.


Peep Show it is!

Maybe our team got a bit too excited after the curious stories about the scenarios at the sex theater, because Janneke and Bianca sneaked into the small booth of the  Sex Palace Peep Show. What exactly they were watching remains a mystery, but it was either a couple having sex or somebody pretty masturbating. And all you pay is 2 Euros for 2 minutes! Ask them whether it’s any different from watching a porn-most likely so as it’s live.


Is that really a church?

Yep, the 800-year old Oude Kerk is indeed located in the heart of the Red Light District. And it’s a huge question what came first-the church or the windows with the ladies, as they’ve always been there together. How convenient it would be in old times-the sailors come to Amsterdam, sin with a prostitute, and the church is right there to pray for forgiveness. Not far from Oude Kerk our guide led us to the smallest alley of the district, where you can pass only one by one (it does create an intimate vibe!). This tiny passage is right next door to Oudezijds Voorburgwal, which is full of The Bulldog coffeeshops (not that their weed is too good though).


The Banana Bar

In case you’re wondering what could be happening in the Banana Bar in the Red Light District, then probably your fantasy isn’t wild enough for Amsterdam. It’s all about bananas and ladies here: visitors pay money to see a woman putting a banana in herself and they’re even allowed to have a bite of the banana. The rest we leave up to your imagination, besides we haven’t seen it ourselves.

For those of you who are wondering where the ladies behind the windows come from, the majority of prostitutes of Amsterdam are from Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa. Dutch sexworkers are so rare, that they put out a “100% NL” sticker on their window being proud of their unique position among the other ladies.


The Old Sailor

And just like lots of the clients of the Red Light District, our team went for a relaxing drink at the Old Sailor Pub, which turned into way more drinks than just one. That’s how it goes (fast and easy) at this bar, where locals and tourists come together after sexworkers watching. We had a great tour with SANDEMANs’ guide, and some of us got excited it seems. You can tell from the sex shop purchase of one of our colleagues (let’s pretend we don’t know the name) and some spicy parts of the video on our Facebook page.

Wrapping up with Japanese

Of course our day out as a team and Teleport’s birthday celebration couldn’t be finished only with drinks, so our bodies and souls were craving for some good food together. We couldn’t choose better than unlimited sushi at Mojo Japanese Kitchen, where we indulged ourselves with authentic cuisine, amazing company and toasts for the success of Teleport Hotel.


A Taste of Amsterdam with Awesome Food Tours

Contrary to the common stereotype that the Dutch food is boring and plain, we want to assure you that the local Amsterdam cuisine will surprise you with a full range of flavors and ingredients. You just have to know the right places to go and the best food items to try so that to feel the deliciousness of the food here and want to have more. Specially for those who like to discover cultures through food, we’ve prepared a list of cool food tours around Amsterdam.

Dutch Food Tour

Combine typical Dutch food with a historical experience in the most beautiful areas of Amsterdam- the Jordaan and Canal belt and dare to try all the local specialties. This tour won’t limit you to good old cheese and freshly made stroopwafels, but will indulge you with 6-7 tastings, including the raw herring and other yummy surprises. You will be trying Dutch cuisine both on the go and seated, while the whole tour will take 2.5 hours. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about local culture with your taste buds and see the most charming neighborhoods of the city. Your participation comes at a price of €49, of course all the food and drinks included.

dutch food tour

Street Food & Drink Tours with Hungry Birds

Hungry Birds attract the guests of Amsterdam by their personal and fun approach to food tours, as they make you feel like a visiting friend rather than a tourist. Their focus on street food make them stand out from other tours. Top it up with not only Dutch food but also ethnic/colonial specialties brought in by the migrant birds, and you get a super authentic experience in Amsterdam. These guys ask you to come hungry, as you will be tasting 8-10 different local foods and drinks for 3.5-4 hours. The places depend on whether you choose the Market Birds option (exploring the delights of the Albert Cuyp Market) or the City Birds tour, when you will be flying around small family businesses. Both choices are €69 each per person, while their Thirsty Birds tour around the local bars will cost you €79 per adult.

street food tour

Jordaan Food Tour

Get off the beaten path in the Jordaan revealing hidden courtyards, narrow back streets and awesome personalities of the local folks with a great sense of humor. Eating Amsterdam Tours will take a good care of you, introducing you to friendly shopkeepers, telling funny stories and presenting you with a high quality selection of 12 food tastings. During the 4-hour tour you will discover the delicious flavors of such must-try Dutch specialties as the home-made apple pie (in a 400-years old café!), Amsterdam’s tastiest smoked sausage, borrelhapjes that go so well with the authentic beers and mouthwatering desserts. This food trip will be €77 per adult and leave your stomach full and happy.

jordaan food tourAmsterdam’s Favorite Food Tour

If you prefer a more personal experience with a local, then this food tour in the heart of the hippest neighborhoods of Amsterdam De Pijp might be the right decision. Not only you will explore the vibrant part of the city with the cosmopolitan market, chilling locals and stunning architecture, but you will experience the true taste of Amsterdam. Fried fish from the market stall, new collective café, Surinamese-Javanese restaurant and 5 tastings are just a few from the things you can expect from this 2.5-hour tour. Guided by big foodies or even professional chefs, you will pay €44 per person.

favorite amsterdam's food

Prefer to eat alone?

Would you rather not join the food tour, but taste the local cuisine on your own? Then this City Food Routes might be handy for you to explore the neighborhoods of Amsterdam, trying the best what they have to offer, getting the freshest ingredients to cook at home/in the hotel or checking out the greatest cafes in the areas all over the city. You might need the help of Google-translate for this site, but the places you’ll discover will be worth it.

city food routes

So what’s the taste of Amsterdam for you? Is it the sharp taste of old gouda cheese, the sweet taste of stroopwafels, the pickled taste of herring or the smoked taste of a Dutch sausage? No matter what it is, we’re sure you would like it!

The World of Amsterdam Red Light District

Even if visiting the Red Light District isn’t the main reason for your trip to Amsterdam, the chances are that you will check it out anyways. It remains one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city with the sex workers offering their services legally and the curious crowd staring at them. You can walk down the narrow streets of the district and just watch the half-naked girls in the red light windows, or you can truly get to know what it’s all about, how things work and have an eye opening experience. No, we don’t try to talk you into getting a prostitute, but instead encourage you to take one of the great Amsterdam Red Light District tours.

SANDEMANs Red Light District  Teleport’s Team favorite!

Have you arrived to Amsterdam alone and are eager to explore its most controversial neighborhood but need a company for that? Then this option is the right fit for you with a cheerful guide telling interesting stories of the Red Light District, introducing you to its sex culture with numerous windows (including elite streets), sex shops, video cabins and even the Prostitution Information Center run by a former prostitute. You will discover the hidden sculptures (of course, sex industry related!) and visit an S&M specialist.

sandemans tour

Famous Twin Prostitutes Tour in Amsterdam

What’s the retirement age for sex workers? Do you think that only young attractive girls can offer themselves in the Red Light District? Then meet and greet the most popular ex-prostitutes in the Netherlands, who worked in the industry for 50 years before retiring! These twin charming ladies will reveal all the secrets, answer any of your questions and tell you all about being a prostitute in Amsterdam. And yes, you can totally take a picture with them! Other highlights of the tour include visiting the World’s First Condom Shop, some street art on the way and even a cannabis shop.

famous twin prost tour

Red Light District Tour with a Local

This more authentic tour will give you not only a nice overview of the Red Light District, but also show you the blue lights area with transsexual prostitutes, which might be different from a regular tour there. You will also visit a local brewery, the oldest building of Amsterdam, a temple in the heart of the Chinatown and the well-known Weighbuilding at Nieuwmarkt. And the best part is that all these attractions will be presented to you by a local, who knows all the hidden stories and parts of the city.

Red Light Workshop

This workshop can become a very unusual experience in Amsterdam for the bravest ones, as it involves you getting behind that red light window, and not as a client, but a worker. Former sex worker Mariska will teach you all the small details about the profession and let you feel the daily life of a prostitute in Amsterdam. Some theory and practical exercises will make you ready to take a seat behind the window and see how the passersby react. No customers will be allowed to come in (so you don’t to do the actual job), but you will have a complete understanding of the business and unique pictures of yourself behind the window.


Don’ts of Amsterdam Red Light District

Whether you browse around the Red Light District on your own or are part of a guided tour, there are certain rules that you need to follow. These are the most important ones:

  • Don’t take pictures of the ladies in the windows! If you do so, you might get in trouble with the bouncers of Amsterdam or the sex workers themselves, as they can pour some bleach-laced water or ammonia at you.
  • Don’t knock, tap or spit on the windows. Respect the labor of the ladies and don’t interfere with their job.
  • Don’t buy anything from people on the street, whether it’s drugs, stolen bicycles or cookies. If you want to try the famous Dutch weed, just go to a coffeeshop-there’s plenty of them in Amsterdam.
  • Don’t be afraid of the Red Light District, but be aware of the potential pickpockets that look for an easy target like a tourist staring at the red light windows with his mouth open.
  • Don’t pee on the street or into the canal, as fines will be applied. And don’t throw anything into the canals, whatever it can be (including yourself!).

But most of all, have a great time in Amsterdam, explore its every corner, learn new things about the city and be ready for surprises!

donts of red light

Amsterdam Finest Restaurants: Recommended by Teleport

Have you ever walked around the city not knowing which restaurants are worth checking out for lunch or dinner? Nothing is more frustrating than browsing around with an empty stomach, finding it hard to make a decision. It’s always difficult to find the right place to eat in a new city unless you do your research properly in advance. But let us take all your worries away in magic Amsterdam and recommend you top 8 restaurants that will make you and your stomach happy!

Upon the arrival

We can imagine that some of you can be hungry upon the arrival to Teleport, so we don’t want you to wait long for your delicious meal and advise you to start with the best nearby restaurants.

Grand Café Hermes

This cozy café within a 5-minute walk from the hotel has an excellent tripadvisor rating, and one visit will be enough for you to understand why. Try their chicken sate or juicy homemade double burger- a specialty of the house that doesn’t leave anybody indifferent. Hermes is open only during the weekdays, but the good news is that Teleport reception team will be happy to give you a voucher for a free small appetizer there.


What looks like a red container is actually a hip spot with good food, cool DJs and ambient atmosphere. They call it an oasis in a concrete jungle, which describes Bret quite accurately. Stop by for their own Nordman beer or local biological lemonade after a long way, reserve a table for a nice dinner or dance to the joyful tunes almost till sunrise here.

In the city

Amsterdam finest restaurants are located not only around Teleport, but also in the heart of the city, where the choice is plentiful. As tastes differ and Amsterdam offers cuisine from all over the world, we will make it a bit easier for you with the greatest food from different countries.

The best Indian food- Shiva

Dive into the harmonious and relaxing atmosphere of this restaurant with a great service, luscious Indian cuisine with a comprehensive menu and modern design. A 3-course dinner with drinks for 2 people will be around €60, and is so much worth the money. Shiva is known among locals for their butter chicken, tikka masala, tasty naans and mango lassi.


The best Thai food- Bird

Thai food lovers will feel at home at Bird, where authenticity and quality come together. We would recommend you to go to the tiny café/takeaway of theirs right across the street from the bigger restaurant, as the food tends to be better tasting, faster served and cheaper there. The longer real Thai dining experience is of course guaranteed at the restaurant itself.


The best Dutch food- Hap-Hmm

If instead of international dishes you prefer to try some local Dutch dishes, then Hap-Hmm is your best choice! Their cuisine tastes like the yummiest home-made food at the Dutch granny’s  who puts extra flavors, love and care into it. They don’t accept reservations and the house is always full, so try your luck during weekdays just by heading directly to the location and mingling with locals. Hap-Hmm is closed on weekends and open only till 20:30 during the week. It doesn’t matter what you will pick from the menu, as everything will be a huge success and a nice introduction into the Dutch culture.


The best Belgian food- Lieve

This Belgian restaurant on a beautiful canal offers you way more than a regular dining experience, but three different ambiances instead. You can choose between a very affordable and easy-going Mom’s Kitchen table, a fancy gourmet Belgian Baroque full of small mouthwatering dishes and a chic and glamorous Mrs. Bubbles option. Of course, all three atmospheres come at different prices.


The best Japanese food-Kaiko

If you’re a sushi fan, then go no further-Kaiko serves the best sushi in town! It can be quite expensive, but you can’t get closer to the true Japanese dining experience in Amsterdam than there. Family-run business, this restaurant has been around for years and become one of the locals’ favorites.


The best Italian food-Pazzi

A real Italian pizza from the oven is waiting for you at this small restaurant. They have 2 locations, but we recommend you to visit the scenic Jordaan and hop on for pizza there. Fresh ingredients, amazing dough and nice mozzarella are sure-fire!

In the hotel

In case it was a long day for you and you don’t feel for going out to try the best cuisine in Amsterdam, then you can always order food online at Thuisbezorgd or Justeat. Your favorite restaurant doesn’t deliver? Deliveroo will bring you food from any place in the city with no problem! And our team is always happy to help you with making the right decision or order the food for you. Delicious meals will be delivered to your room!

Creative Ways to Explore Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the greatest cities to explore by bike, which happens to be the most convenient way to get around it. It’s fun, easy and allows you see the hidden corners of the charming place. However, cycling is far from the only way to experience Amsterdam, and this time we encourage you to try all the cool options.

Amsterdam by canal bike

Instead of cycling along the bike paths, we recommend you biking on water! Just rent one of pedalos, explore the canals and enjoy the sunshine! Amsterdam is spectacular when viewed from the water, as you will have a new angle at all the numerous bridges and dancing houses of the town. Most of water bikes are designed for four people, making it a joyful option for a group of friends or a romantic way to see Amsterdam for couples.  They are even equipped with a waterproof head in case of rain, so don’t be afraid to use a canal bike at any weather.  A canals’ map, routes and a few sailing tips are guaranteed.canal bike

Amsterdam by paddling

Continuing the topic of discovering Amsterdam from the water, let us introduce you stand up paddling, which maybe you thought wasn’t even possible around here. We can’t promise that it would be easy, but you will remember it as the craziest way to explore the city, that’s for sure. Peaceful and entertaining option for those who aren’t afraid to attract the attention of tourists and locals.

If paddle boarding is not in your list, then you can always rent a small boat in Amsterdam instead of joining the standard and sometimes primitive boat tours offered by the agencies. Create your own Dutch experience, mingle with local fancy boat owners and see the magnificent canals of Amsterdam. In case you want to explore further and option of renting  a boat sounds too costly, then how about canoeing in Amsterdamse Bos, the famous forest in the south part of the city? This scenic area has a couple of routes to offer, which will get you closer to nature and shows you a different side of Amsterdam.paddleboarding

Amsterdam by segway

Riding on a segway  can be a brilliant idea for those of you that are not afraid to try something new in the middle of a busy city. Learn the history of Amsterdam by getting into the narrowest streets and alleys while driving your segway. Most likely you would have to take a tour with a guide though, as not too many people can be trusted with a segway in the heart of Amsterdam, riding it for the first time. Even though it’s quite easy to balance and navigate.  It’s definitely different from all the transportation you experienced before, but it can bring you far on those 400 km of bike lanes in the city.


Amsterdam by beer bike

Yes, we’ve promised not to mention cycling in this article, but riding a beer bike is not the same. You don’t even have to pedal  if you don’t want to! But if you wish to combine cycling and drinking (don’t repeat it again with any other bikes except for a beer bike!), then welcome on board! Your driver is the only sober one on the bike and is making sure you’re safe and sound, while the whole group of drinking buddies are totally having a blast. Hop on this crazy beer bike and start your Amsterdam adventure.beerbike

We hope you got excited about discovering new and creative ways to look at Amsterdam, explore its canals, parks, charming streets and impressive architecture. But if you want to stick to the old friend and simply rent a bicycle, then Amsterdam Teleport is there to help you! On top of that you’re entitled for our Free Alternative Bike Tour! Join us every day! First four signups of the day have the bike included for free as well!

What’s Behind the Symbols of Amsterdam?


No, we’re not starting the story about the symbols of Amsterdam with the sign for x-rated entertainment that associates with the Red Light District. Instead we would be happy to explain you the origin of the three crosses that can be seen all over the city-its buildings, flags, poles, manholes and souvenirs. You might have guessed that the XXX symbol officially serves as a part of the coat of arms of Amsterdam, but what does it stand for? It represents three vertical St. Andrew’s Crosses named after the apostle that was tormented on a cross of the X-shape in the 1st century AD. There’s no exact explanation what meaning those crosses have for Amsterdam, but one of the thoughts is that they originate from the Persian crusader family who owned lots of land in Amsterdam. Another version has to do with the connection between St. Andrew being a fisherman and Amsterdam stemming from a fishing town with its fishermen going under the flag with XXX. The crosses can also possibly stand for the three threats of the medieval city: floods, fire and the black plague.

The unknown history leads us to known present, where these three white crosses are depicted on a black band in the middle of a red shield. This combination is also known as the flag of Amsterdam and part of the coat of arms. The latter is decorated with the Imperial Crown of Austria and two golden lions carrying the shield. The motto of the city follows below with “Heroic, Resolute and Merciful”, although some people jokingly believe it should be “Stubborn, Defiant and Extremely Tolerant.” Have you already picked a few souvenirs with the XXX symbol of Amsterdam1

Why is everything so orange?

It’s easy to notice that the Dutch like orange, or at least that’s what they sell to tourists on the markets-and we’re not talking about the fruit, but rather that super bright color everywhere around the souvenir shops. And if you’ve ever visited Amsterdam on King’s Day or during the football championships, you’ve seen the most of it, and we bet it was orange! On special occasions the whole city turns orange, but why would that happen counting the fact that colors of the Dutch flag (red, blue, white) have nothing to do with it? The secret lies within the Dutch Royal Family that originates from the House of Oranje-Nassau with the ancestry of the current king of the country Willem-Alexander going back to William of Orange (Willem van Oranje). They also call the national football team Oranje and most of the Dutch sporting teams wear orange uniform. This way the color unites the whole nation and becomes the symbol of Amsterdam.

orange amsterdam

I AMsterdam

Does it even count that you’ve been to Amsterdam, if you don’t have a picture in front of the world famous I AMSTERDAM letters? This symbol has become so present in branding of the city that it can easily be one of the most visited sightseeings in Amsterdam. What started as a marketing campaign, has truly become the catch of the town and everybody wants to bring a piece of it home. The huge letters are located at the back of the majestic  Rijksmuseum, and lots of people try to climb them and get the best shot. Here comes just a small tip: if you want to avoid lots of other tourists on your exclusive picture with I AMSTERDAM sign, then come late in the evening- you will be surprised how empty it gets.

iamsterdam sign

When you happen to be at the right place at the right time, you can also spot another set of the magic letters at other locations such as festivals, fairs, fashion shows and important events of the city. Sometimes you can even see it in rainbow colors, especially when Amsterdam celebrates love, freedom and diversity. The city constantly plays around with the location, and this week (until 7 August) you will find the travelling letters close to the Amstel River in front of the Hermitage due to the Canal Parade there. And for those who want to have it all, take a seat on a red handmade I Amsterdam mosaic sofa right outside of the reception of City Hall at Amstel 1. You can also have a moment with the symbol sign at Amsterdam Airport Schipol right before finishing your amazing trip.