A Taste of Amsterdam with Awesome Food Tours

Contrary to the common stereotype that the Dutch food is boring and plain, we want to assure you that the local Amsterdam cuisine will surprise you with a full range of flavors and ingredients. You just have to know the right places to go and the best food items to try so that to feel the deliciousness of the food here and want to have more. Specially for those who like to discover cultures through food, we’ve prepared a list of cool food tours around Amsterdam.

Dutch Food Tour

Combine typical Dutch food with a historical experience in the most beautiful areas of Amsterdam- the Jordaan and Canal belt and dare to try all the local specialties. This tour won’t limit you to good old cheese and freshly made stroopwafels, but will indulge you with 6-7 tastings, including the raw herring and other yummy surprises. You will be trying Dutch cuisine both on the go and seated, while the whole tour will take 2.5 hours. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about local culture with your taste buds and see the most charming neighborhoods of the city. Your participation comes at a price of €49, of course all the food and drinks included.

dutch food tour

Street Food & Drink Tours with Hungry Birds

Hungry Birds attract the guests of Amsterdam by their personal and fun approach to food tours, as they make you feel like a visiting friend rather than a tourist. Their focus on street food make them stand out from other tours. Top it up with not only Dutch food but also ethnic/colonial specialties brought in by the migrant birds, and you get a super authentic experience in Amsterdam. These guys ask you to come hungry, as you will be tasting 8-10 different local foods and drinks for 3.5-4 hours. The places depend on whether you choose the Market Birds option (exploring the delights of the Albert Cuyp Market) or the City Birds tour, when you will be flying around small family businesses. Both choices are €69 each per person, while their Thirsty Birds tour around the local bars will cost you €79 per adult.

street food tour

Jordaan Food Tour

Get off the beaten path in the Jordaan revealing hidden courtyards, narrow back streets and awesome personalities of the local folks with a great sense of humor. Eating Amsterdam Tours will take a good care of you, introducing you to friendly shopkeepers, telling funny stories and presenting you with a high quality selection of 12 food tastings. During the 4-hour tour you will discover the delicious flavors of such must-try Dutch specialties as the home-made apple pie (in a 400-years old café!), Amsterdam’s tastiest smoked sausage, borrelhapjes that go so well with the authentic beers and mouthwatering desserts. This food trip will be €77 per adult and leave your stomach full and happy.

jordaan food tourAmsterdam’s Favorite Food Tour

If you prefer a more personal experience with a local, then this food tour in the heart of the hippest neighborhoods of Amsterdam De Pijp might be the right decision. Not only you will explore the vibrant part of the city with the cosmopolitan market, chilling locals and stunning architecture, but you will experience the true taste of Amsterdam. Fried fish from the market stall, new collective café, Surinamese-Javanese restaurant and 5 tastings are just a few from the things you can expect from this 2.5-hour tour. Guided by big foodies or even professional chefs, you will pay €44 per person.

favorite amsterdam's food

Prefer to eat alone?

Would you rather not join the food tour, but taste the local cuisine on your own? Then this City Food Routes might be handy for you to explore the neighborhoods of Amsterdam, trying the best what they have to offer, getting the freshest ingredients to cook at home/in the hotel or checking out the greatest cafes in the areas all over the city. You might need the help of Google-translate for this site, but the places you’ll discover will be worth it.

city food routes

So what’s the taste of Amsterdam for you? Is it the sharp taste of old gouda cheese, the sweet taste of stroopwafels, the pickled taste of herring or the smoked taste of a Dutch sausage? No matter what it is, we’re sure you would like it!

The World of Amsterdam Red Light District

Even if visiting the Red Light District isn’t the main reason for your trip to Amsterdam, the chances are that you will check it out anyways. It remains one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city with the sex workers offering their services legally and the curious crowd staring at them. You can walk down the narrow streets of the district and just watch the half-naked girls in the red light windows, or you can truly get to know what it’s all about, how things work and have an eye opening experience. No, we don’t try to talk you into getting a prostitute, but instead encourage you to take one of the great Amsterdam Red Light District tours.

SANDEMANs Red Light District  Teleport’s Team favorite!

Have you arrived to Amsterdam alone and are eager to explore its most controversial neighborhood but need a company for that? Then this option is the right fit for you with a cheerful guide telling interesting stories of the Red Light District, introducing you to its sex culture with numerous windows (including elite streets), sex shops, video cabins and even the Prostitution Information Center run by a former prostitute. You will discover the hidden sculptures (of course, sex industry related!) and visit an S&M specialist.

sandemans tour

Famous Twin Prostitutes Tour in Amsterdam

What’s the retirement age for sex workers? Do you think that only young attractive girls can offer themselves in the Red Light District? Then meet and greet the most popular ex-prostitutes in the Netherlands, who worked in the industry for 50 years before retiring! These twin charming ladies will reveal all the secrets, answer any of your questions and tell you all about being a prostitute in Amsterdam. And yes, you can totally take a picture with them! Other highlights of the tour include visiting the World’s First Condom Shop, some street art on the way and even a cannabis shop.

famous twin prost tour

Red Light District Tour with a Local

This more authentic tour will give you not only a nice overview of the Red Light District, but also show you the blue lights area with transsexual prostitutes, which might be different from a regular tour there. You will also visit a local brewery, the oldest building of Amsterdam, a temple in the heart of the Chinatown and the well-known Weighbuilding at Nieuwmarkt. And the best part is that all these attractions will be presented to you by a local, who knows all the hidden stories and parts of the city.

Red Light Workshop

This workshop can become a very unusual experience in Amsterdam for the bravest ones, as it involves you getting behind that red light window, and not as a client, but a worker. Former sex worker Mariska will teach you all the small details about the profession and let you feel the daily life of a prostitute in Amsterdam. Some theory and practical exercises will make you ready to take a seat behind the window and see how the passersby react. No customers will be allowed to come in (so you don’t to do the actual job), but you will have a complete understanding of the business and unique pictures of yourself behind the window.


Don’ts of Amsterdam Red Light District

Whether you browse around the Red Light District on your own or are part of a guided tour, there are certain rules that you need to follow. These are the most important ones:

  • Don’t take pictures of the ladies in the windows! If you do so, you might get in trouble with the bouncers of Amsterdam or the sex workers themselves, as they can pour some bleach-laced water or ammonia at you.
  • Don’t knock, tap or spit on the windows. Respect the labor of the ladies and don’t interfere with their job.
  • Don’t buy anything from people on the street, whether it’s drugs, stolen bicycles or cookies. If you want to try the famous Dutch weed, just go to a coffeeshop-there’s plenty of them in Amsterdam.
  • Don’t be afraid of the Red Light District, but be aware of the potential pickpockets that look for an easy target like a tourist staring at the red light windows with his mouth open.
  • Don’t pee on the street or into the canal, as fines will be applied. And don’t throw anything into the canals, whatever it can be (including yourself!).

But most of all, have a great time in Amsterdam, explore its every corner, learn new things about the city and be ready for surprises!

donts of red light