Teleport Art Event is back!

If you ever wonder about the bright colorful pavement in front of Teleport Hotel in Amsterdam, then it would be interesting for you to know that our 20 rooms with street art pieces on the walls have the same origin. Teleport Art Event! Our last edition of this creative alternative event was so successful and left the hotel with such amazing art pieces that we’ve decided to do it all over again. But this time it will be even bigger, more colorful and vibrant: 30 hotel rooms (aka white walls ready for new art forms), 11 street artists (aka the most talented creators of Amsterdam) and awesome vibe accompanied by free mojitos and bites, fresh tunes by live DJ and more.

Mark your calendar for some artsy fun at Teleport Hotel on 26-27 February, when spray paint smell will result in unique pieces and when even you can feel like a street artist. In addition to observing the masters spray-painting, you can also try it yourself! Participate in our graffiti workshop, join Street Art Tour by bike, have a great day with us in Amsterdam…and all of that is FREE! Don’t miss the free opportunity to enjoy the local art and meet these cool people. What makes this edition of Teleport Art event different is a promising art market, where you can score that one perfect gift to bring home from a trip to Amsterdam.

Ladies first, and this time we are proud to present two charming female artists, both from the Netherlands and with very recognizable styles.

Missy Dbalia

This talented female artist puts so much color, shape and emotions into her work that the fluffy murals stare at you from the wall, as if they are ready to step into this world. What’s amazing is that Missy Dbalia puts her bright pieces into a social context too, giving attention to less privileged neighborhoods and trying to change their reputation. Amy (that’s her real name) also does illustrations that have a very distinctive character.

Dood konijn

You wouldn’t tell straight away that there is actually a positive young girl Diana hiding behind the sinister name of Dead Bunny and that black and white boney rabbit. But if you look closer, you will see that Doodkonijn is a friendly character that can be often found next to other colorful creatures on the walls of Rotterdam. In addition to making the walls alive, Diana also creates those special stuffed bunnies that are so great to hug for both kids and adults alike. Doodkonijn has a great story behind the curious character, so feel free to admire Diana’s art and ask about the origin of the idea.

Hugo Mulder (DHM)

One of the most famous street artists present at Teleport, Hugo Mulder’s artwork has been published nationally and internationally, used by big brands and studios. But what matters most is that he remains a street artist who shares his ideas and talent with the public. While before Hugo could be easily recognized by his tribal/tattoo style animals, now he switched a bit more towards digital female images full of details and mixture of styles. He combines scratches, cuts, drawings and paint to create pieces that really stand out. Let’s see what style Hugo will choose for one of the rooms at Teleport Hotel.

#Otto Schade

The moment you see the murals by Otto Schade, you can tell that it’s his creation! This Chilean-German street artist, but also urban sculptor and architect, decorates the walls with smooth lines that shape into surreal contemporary pieces. They are not always joyful, but they always make you admire the collaboration between man’s mind, skill and spray-paint cans. Sometimes you are just ready to get lost in Otto’s bandages of imagination

Roy Schreuder

A stunning decorator of public spaces (the electricity boxes with his touch are the best!), Roy Schreuder is known for cartoony images of superheroes and photorealistic stencils. Sometimes his pieces are so real that you almost feel like talking to them, and other times this artist’s fantasy makes you smile. We’re glad to discover that Roy is a traveler himself and likes to freestyle, so we still don’t know what to expect from him at the hotel and what stories we will see and hear.

Franki5 Fingers

Franki5 Fingers has by right become the house artist of Teleport Hotel, so whenever you see some information on the walls, tables, boards- it’s all Frankie! He is a multi-discipline creator, who also illustrates kids’ books, is a talented musician, drummer and composer. Franki5 Fingers is a very approachable character, and so is his art that takes various forms and styles.

These are only a few of the selected artists that will be presenting their masterpieces to you at Teleport on 26-27 February. Make sure that you check out the free-spirited ornamented masks by Skount, gorgeous animal pieces by Joostvijfb and many more unique art walls in our hotel presented by some awesome street artists.